Getting Over A Supplier Breakup

Breakups are never easy. A breakup with a supplier can be particularly tough for your business, especially if you rely on that supplier to help you carry out your work.


Client-supplier relationships can break down all the time. This can be due to business closures, price increases or a performance issue. Whatever the problem is, it’s better to cut ties sooner rather than later, so you can move on.


But like any breakup, the sting will soon ease, and you’ll be able to focus on finding your next great supplier. Here are some tips for getting over your supplier breakup to help you keep your business on track.

Think about what went wrong

When your relationship with a supplier comes to an end, think about what went wrong. No matter which side was to blame, there are lessons you can learn from the experience to help you build stronger supplier relationships in the future. 


Evaluate the issues you had with your previous supplier, these can help form a list of things to avoid with your next supplier, while also giving you some points to consider working into contracts and agreements.

Branch out to find a reputable supplier

Finding the right supplier for your business isn’t always an easy task. There are different factors to consider, and while pricing may be important, it shouldn’t be the ultimate deciding factor. 


Branching out to find a supplier with a great reputation can help you benefit from a better service. Do you need custom metal fabrication? There may be a lot of metal fabrication companies out there, but searching for a company that is reputable and able to deliver your requirements will need a little more work. It’s worth taking the extra time to make sure you’ve chosen the right supplier for your needs. 

Work on building a good relationship

Strong supplier relationships can have many benefits for your business. It can help you get a better deal, prevent problems and find some positive opportunities to collaborate. 


Taking steps to improve supplier relationships will make for a more positive relationship going forward. Regular communication with your suppliers and making sure they’re paid on time are among the basic steps you can take to ensure productive relationships that benefit your business.

Review regularly to fix problems before they become bigger issues

Reviewing your supplier contracts regularly can help you ensure that things are working as they should. Spend time evaluating how things are going, what can be improved and whether there are significant issues that need addressing. These reviews can also help with your forward planning, allowing you to prepare for your business’s future


Supplier relationships can be delicate, but if you work hard to build a strong foundation, you can ensure a positive, lasting relationship going forward. Don’t let a supplier breakup bring your business down, find a way to move forward to ensure your next supplier relationship is a better one.

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