Give Your Small Business A Brand Personality

Does it feel like your business is a little flat and lacks the dimension to appeal to a new audience, or even to keep your current customers interested?  A lot of businesses have established their processes in such a fixed manner that they can lack personality. From automatic workflows to lifeless communication campaigns, there are many aspects of your company that could be perceived as dull or boring by your customers. While you may not be able to generate the kind of excitement than big brands create with amazing contests and tantalizing product launches, it’s fair to say that this is no excuse to stay two-dimensional. Your customers want to interact with a company that has kept a human touch and a personal eye for details. And if there’s one thing that small businesses are good at it’s transforming a 2D business plan into a 3D experience for their customers, partners and supporters. Here’s how to make it work.

Meet your customers

Even though most businesses cultivate a strong digital presence, it’s fair to say that you can’t only rely on your website to bring your company to the next level. For small businesses and startups, it’s especially important to join events where they can interact with a real audience. At the early stage of a business creation, your brand name is nothing but another name in a crowded market. That’s precisely why you need to add a friendly face to the company by attending trade shows and conferences. You can prepare your trade show gear from sticker paper sheets – these can be useful in events where you don’t have a name badge – to printed brochures. Contrary to the common belief, you don’t need to break the bank to get noticed. A bowl of fresh pastries and a simple coffee machine can do the trick in trade exhibitions!


Change your communication channel

If you’re an avid blogger and you dutifully share your articles on Twitter and LinkedIn, there’s probably no need to explain the importance of digital diversity to you. However, it can be frustrating when, despite your best efforts, you still can’t gather a respectable volume of visitors. Why don’t people read your posts? The answer is simple: Because there’s too much going on online and you don’t stand out. You can vary your communication channel by transforming your blog into a vlog to start tapping into a new audience group. Ideally, you should mix written and video posts to keep entertaining to your customers.


Support a cause

Nobody nowadays expects your company to think only about business. Your customers want to know your vision, and they want to understand what you believe in. Sure, you may be creating exquisite craft items or delivering great marketing services, but where’s the humanity in your business? Openly supporting a charity is, by far, the quickest and easiest answer you can provide to this question. Not only does this give you a lot of positive PR, but you can also share your charitable actions with your followers to paint a 3D portrait of your business.


Small businesses need to add a human dimension to their everyday activities. Whether you want to meet your customers or actively support a cause, the choice is yours. But remember, customers want to see who hides behind the logo, so make sure you show your best human side

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