How to Pick the Perfect Theme for Your Next Event

Corporate events are an important part of your business, not only because they allow your delegates to see and hear from industry leaders, but also because they are great networking events. If you have been tasked with arranging an event for your company, then you need to think about how you can keep the delegates entertained and interested. One way is to create a theme for the event that will get people talking and interacting and stop it from becoming boring. Here’s how you can pick the perfect theme for your next event.

Review the Goals of the Event

What is it that you want to achieve from this event? That is one of the first questions you need to ask yourself before you move forward. If this is going to be a training event, then there might be different needs than an annual conference. Write down all the things you want from the event and see if there are any patterns that you can use. For example, if the event is going to be showing new technology or new products, then you could focus the theme on retro technology.

Who Will Attend Your Event?

When considering the theme for your conference, it is a good idea to think about the delegates that will be attending. Some themes might be ok for your clients, but not so good for prospective clients. You should also think about the demographics of the delegates, for example, what will the age range be, and will there be families or just adults. It can be a good plan to include a theme for the children, so they feel more involved in the event and leave the adults without a theme. You could also consider having entertainment geared at certain ages in case the main part of the conference doesn’t interest all of the children who attend.

Consider the Venue When Choosing the Theme

Most people who plan events go for the typical large conference centers. While there is nothing wrong with these venues, they might not be ideal for the theme you choose. For example, if you want to have a Tuscan theme, then perhaps you could hold the event in a local winery. It can be a good idea to think outside the box, so you can create a memorable event that will also fit in well with your theme. If you are struggling to think of anything, perhaps you could use your own company brand as a way to create a theme.

Think About Costing for the Event

Some events can cost more to organize than others, depending on the size of the venue and the number of attendees. You also need to factor in the theme of the event as well, because this could require additional cost. For example, if you are going to ask the catering company to provide special themed food as well, then there could be an additional cost for them too. For the smaller company, these costs can cause an issue if you don’t have the budget, but you might be able to sort cash loans from a company to help you keep the event on track.

Add a Theme Prize

Sometimes it can be difficult to get people to embrace the theme of an event because they don’t feel motivated. However, if you add a prize for the best outfit or theme accessory, then this might give your delegates the incentive they need. It could also be a great way for your company to provide samples of your products to potential clients. The fact that a prize is going to be offered needs to be advertised ahead of time to give it the appropriate effect.

Lead by Example

For your delegates to feel comfortable with the theme you choose, they need to know that you will also be prepared to be part of the event. That means if there is a fancy-dress element, then you and the other event organizers should be prepared to dress up as well. You should remember that when you choose the theme and discuss it with the other organizers, they can also have the opportunity to give their opinions.

Consider the Possible Effect of the Theme

Sometimes a particular theme might seem like a good idea at first, but there could be effects that you don’t realize at the time. When choosing the theme, you need to fully discuss them in detail so that any repercussions can be fully explored before you agree. For example, if you want to use a theme from another brand such as superheroes, you need to ensure that you have the correct permission to use it. If you don’t, then you might get negative publicity from the event which you don’t want. Think through and double check every element of your theme and conference in general early on. This will save you time, particularly leading up to the event.

Themed Speakers

Once you have selected a theme, perhaps you could also select speakers that could use the theme in their talks. If this is something you want to do, then you need to speak to the speakers well in advance, so they can prepare, and also decide if they want to take part. You might even be able to find speakers that have a particular interest in the theme you want to use. It might also work in reverse; if you know ahead of time the theme of the talk, then this could give you the ideas for the theme itself.

Conferences don’t have to be a negative experience, and they also don’t need to be the same as all the others. If you are able to pool ideas from others and think outside the box for a venue, then you could make your conference one to remember. For prospective clients, it can also show them that you are a company not afraid to do something different, which might be the difference you need.

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