How to Spruce Up Your Business

After being in business for a while, there comes a time where you need to spruce things up a bit. Paint fades, styles change, and life and weather cause wear and tear to your building. A fresh look and a bright shine will make old customers want to return and will attract new customers to grow your audience more and more. Not everything can be done at once, but over time you can get a whole new look or updated look for your business. Here are a few ways you can update your look and improve your business.


Repaint In a Fresh Color


Color styles change as the years go on (remember all the Earth tones of the 70’s?). If you look around your space and you feel your color scheme is a bit outdated, now is the time for a fresh coat of paint in a new color. If your space looks outdated, customers may think you’re outdated and they may take their business elsewhere to a place that shows a bit more life. Find a great commercial painter in your area and get a quote to see how much it will cost to change the vibe inside your space. 


Remodel the Inside


It has been said that to break with routine you may want to consider a new route when going to work. The same can be applied for the inside of your business. Maybe a new floor layout or rearranging how things are placed could give a new energy. There is always something new catching someone’s eye, and if your returning customers see that your space is evolving, you and your product will also be seen in the same light. Everyone likes new things, so be part of that sentiment. 




Is the outside of your building falling apart? If so, it’s time to make your space strong and sturdy. No one wants to walk into a crumbling building. They will think they are going into an unsafe place and they would rather pay money in a place that seems secure. Contact a commercial concrete company. K&E Flatwork is one example of a company that has experience repaving and restructuring businesses to become more appealing to the eye of the passing customer. It’s a great investment for your business and a fresh look can make all the difference. 


Rework Your Design


Some logos are timeless, yet they always get a bit of a revamp from time to time. Revamping your logo to be more modern or more in style is a great way to freshen up your look on all of your marketing materials. On social media pages, you can easily post your new logo and ensure that enough people see it that they will recognize it right away. Reworking your logo also shows that you change with the times and you won’t fall prey to stagnation.


Introduce a New Product or Service

Offering the same thing over and over again can get stale and boring. As times change so do the needs of your customers, so if you can keep up with those changing needs by offering products that are designed specifically for satisfying what’s new in demand will help you keep customers and gain new ones. Refusal to change can have a negative effect on your business, and the more positive reviews you can get from your community of shoppers the better. 


Update Your Marketing Materials


Sometimes, doing something as simple as changing the color of your marketing can make everything brand new. Some businesses and companies went from using red to blue and the new look had everyone excited. It’s the small things that resonate the most. Look at your marketing and see what can be changed. Update the logo, change your motto, change colors, or find new outlets to advertise. A whole new campaign can breathe fresh air into a product or business that may be bordering on boredom. 


Create or Revamp Merchandise


Selling swag is a great advertising tool, but it is also a great way to make money and get people into your business. For existing merchandise, add something new that people want or need. Cell phone cases for new phones on the market, electronics for making videos, or a new style of shirt can get people wearing your swag, advertising your business, and returning back to do more business. 


These ideas are a great start to freshening up your business. It will take some time, but you’ll get there.

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