Home Improvement: Simple Woodworking Project Ideas You Can Do

Decorating your new home is not as simple as it sounds. You want it to reflect your personality and be unique. One way to do this is to fill your home with handmade objects. It is pretty easy to create small decorations, but the real problem comes with larger objects. It is understandable if you hesitate about creating furniture or other things for your home, but DIY woodworking can be unique pieces.


No one expects you to fill your house with masterpieces instantly. You can start small and progress to larger projects. Here are some simple DIY woodworking projects that will build up your skills so that you can tackle more complex work.


Sofa Sleeve


If you have a sofa or chair right in front of your TV, thena sofa sleevecan be a good project. Watching your favorite shows is more enjoyable when you have drinks and food on hand. This project requires you only to hammer three pieces of wood together. After that, put some finishing touches with sanding and varnish. With that done, you can place it on the edge of your sofa or chair for a comfortable table.


Coat Rack


When you want something to hang your visitors’ coats on, don’t buy one. All you need to build one is a plank of wood and a few coat hooks. Making it will only take you an hour. Measure where you want to place it and cut the wood right. Coat hooks are simple to screw or hammer into the wood. Sand it a bid to make it smooth and presentable. You can choose to paint it if you want to.


Wine Rack


Displaying the win you have at home is a great way to impress visitors about your tastes. Without a wine cellar, you will have to settle for making a rack for your wine collection. It is a variation of a simple box. Just put individual spaces for the wines you will be displaying and varnish it to make it look fancy.


Knife Block


For something more practical, you can add a knife block to your kitchen. Instead of a plastic one, you can make an impressive wooden block that will suit your knives. If you have special knives, measure them and ensure that they will fit into the slots. You can even install a finger pull so that you can move it around with a single finger.


Serving Tray


Another useful project would be to make a serving tray. If you want to serve your partner breakfast in bed, your homemade serving tray would be a great item for it. You can make one that will fit all your needs, whether it is for a romantic breakfast or something for the kids.


Step Stool


There will be areas that you can’t reach. A ladder is too much for them, so makinga step stoolis a good idea. You only need a few pieces of wood and a few nails to make something sturdy to support your weight. Look for plans that will fit the height you need. You might need multiple steps or just two to get to those high places.


Laptop Desk


When you work from home, you might like to move around a bit. Being stuck at the kitchen table or a desk can be boring. Make a laptop desk so you can take your work anywhere in the house. The setup is similar to the serving tray, but it will have more space for work items and the mouse.




Another simple project that should be easy to do is to set up shelves. All you need is a few planks of wood and supporting braces. You need to measure the place where you will be setting it up so that you have a proper fit. You might also need to be selective about the wood since the shelves will be very visible. Finish it with proper sanding and varnishing and the shelve will look great.


Medicine Cabinet


Make a medicine cabinetas one of your later projects. This is a major work but doable. A good medicine cabinet organizes the first aid in your house and keeps them out of the hands of your children. Building a frame is going to be the bulk of the work. When that is done, you can then portion out the interior. You can have specific spaces forsupplements for eye healthand other vitamins that you need daily. Install this medicine cabinet in your bathroom or in some other place where you can


These DIY projects all need minimal experience to make. If you can handle tools and simple instructions, you should be able to make them. Additionally, all you need for materials is simple wood and nails. When you are done with one of these projects, you will have something to impress your visitors with.

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