Minor Home Renovations That Increase Resale Value

Written By: Regina Thomas

Home renovations can enhance your home; however, not all remodeling schemes can recoup the money you invested. Before you begin carrying out renovations to increase your home value, it is essential to consider if it’s a worthy investment.

To help set your mind at ease, we’ve compiled some useful cost-efficient home renovation projects that can boost your home’s real estate value.

Build a Deck

Boost the appeal of your front yard with a glimmer of impressive details and aesthetic wooden finishing with a premium wooden deck. When building your very deck, include resilient material that won’t rust nor get affected by rot and insects to increase its longevity without spending more on future maintenance. Most homeowners spend at least $11,000 on adding a 16×20 ft. deck to their premises. After-sale, they can obtain back 90% of the fees spend on building it in the first place.

If you already have a deck, invest in some turpentine, paints, and polish to accentuate your deck’s color schemes and emphasize its features. Bolster any loose railings and check the structural integrity of your foundation. If your floor panels are beyond repair, consider hiring a professional deck contractor.

2. Floor Heating

Keeping warm during cold seasons can be expensive. Electric floor heating systems significantly reduce energy costs as they are not reliant on ducts and fans to distribute heat evenly.

Furthermore, they are a cost-effective home improvement investment as installation can cost between $15 per square foot, drastically slashing down on the cost of running an air conditioning unit and heater in the long run.

It can improve your home value, especially when paired up with smart home equipment, such as a smart Wi-Fi thermostat.

3. Work on the Basement

A basement is most prone to flooding and rot damage. Any signs of damage can significantly reduce your home value. To cover up any discrepancies, consider renovating your basement.

Cover any plain concrete floors with some decent flooring like tiles or wooden paneling.

Repair any leaky pipes and rid the funky smell of dust and moisture. A finished basement recoups 70% of its cost and can act as a family room, thus adding sentimental and financial value to your home.

4. Repaint Walls and Restore Wooden Surfaces

Repainting over faded and blemished walls around your house is a great way to improve its value while tremendously saving money. You’d be amazed how a fresh coat of paint can completely overhaul a room’s appearance, making it look much more spacious and vibrant than it is.

Opt for soft color palettes, such as beige, soft white, cream, peach, orange, and yellow to further accentuate this effect. Furthermore, apply a fresh coat of turpentine over wooden surfaces to restore its original color making your home look brand new.

5. Upgrade Your Kitchen

Kitchen renovations can skyrocket your home value and create a beautiful culinary eutopia. When improving on a budget, consider simple things like adding floor tiles, replacing faucets, upgrading kitchen appliances, working on lighting, and sinks to improve your returns and cut remodeling costs.

For counters, if you can invest in a good marble or granite counter, it will add value to your home. However, if you can’t factor the price into your budget, consider alternatives such as soapstone, tile, or laminate kitchen counters.

6. Landscape

The first thing anyone will notice about a home is its exterior. The average American spends at least $3502 on landscaping and for a good reason. Investing in landscaping is a great way to increase your home value and create a captivating focal point for visitors without having to punch an enormous hole into your budget.

Add a splash of vibrant colors from flowers such as daisies, iris, Chrysanthemums, Dahlia, Daffodils, Orchids, and Lilies to paint your front yard blemish of wondrous hues. Purchase a nice patch of carpet grass and add some cobblestone to create a decent looking path around your yard. If you’re unsure of your gardening skills, you can always hire a gardener to work on your yard at cost-effective rates.

In Summary

There are loads of essential home remodeling projects that can increase value without spending too much. With this list of cost-effective projects, you can make some nice home modifications and increase your home value.



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