How Can a Better Office Improve Things in Your Business?

Your office is so much more than four walls and a roof, it’s essentially the ‘brain’ of your business. Even if you outsource other departments and have lots of other things going out outside of the office, it’s this where all of the decisions will be made and is where everything in your company is run from. For this reason, it’s important not to overlook this space- a better office really can mean better business. Here are some ideas for improving things this year. 


Keep costs down

Office space can be expensive, so it makes sense to make cutbacks where possible so that these costs aren’t taking a huge hit on your profits. One way you can do this is to use a carrier hotel, otherwise known as a colocation center. This is essentially data center facility where businesses rent space for servers and other computing hardware. They protect and store the networking equipment of other companies, and are responsible for cooling, power, and physical security. Using one means that there’s less that you have to deal with on your own premises and it means you can keep your office smaller (which will cost less in rent). It’s worth looking into this option and seeing if it’s something that would work for your business as it can be cheaper than buying additional equipment, or spending more on a larger office space QuoteColo data centers can give you a price point so you can see if it’s something that’s suitable for you. Another way you can keep your office smaller and therefore cheaper is to allow some employees to work from home. You could even look into a remote workforce where you hire from all over the world since many jobs these days don’t require workers to physically commute to the office. 


Make it pleasant for staff, customers and clients

If you do have staff on the premises, a good office space will mean a pleasant space for them which can boost mood and productivity. If you have customers or clients who come into your office, you don’t want them feeling underwhelmed or even put off about using your business. Paint the walls a light, neutral shade, have the carpets deep cleaned and dot plants and custom signage around to give the place personality. Aim to have desks positioned close to windows to give whoever is sitting there a mood boost from the natural light. 


Make it eco-friendly

The impact our species has had on the planet is devastating. Deforestation, oil spills, global warming- these dire consequences have really come to light in recent years, and we all know we need to be doing more to improve the situation. As business owners, we’re especially responsible as it’s companies like ours that tend to have the biggest impact. There are some things you can do that are really easy and give you peace of mind that you’re doing your bit, for example, use refillable pens and ink cartridges since it’s far more eco-friendly to keep refilling them compared with buying new ones all the time. The next is recycling, this needs to be done properly since even a small amount of unrecyclable material can contaminate the entire bin and mean it ends up in landfill anyway. Purchase recycling bins and show your employees how to properly use them. Going paper-free is another easy thing to do these days, make ‘paper-free’ your standard option when sending out mail and invoices, and opt to have your own business mail delivered electronically. Not only are you doing your bit but you’re also setting an example to other businesses.

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