Sales Funnels For Course Creators – 4 Helpful Tips

Course creators understand the amount of time that it takes to create the perfect learning experience. When you consider how many years it takes to build up expertise and credibility on a specific topic, there’s no wonder why it seems like the process takes forever.

If you’re creating a video course, the process can even drag on for longer periods of time as well. This is for the fact that you have to write scripts, film yourself, set up the audio, and don’t forget about editing everything.

All of this is explained for one simple fact, things need to be easier for course creators, and they definitely will be. Thanks to the power of creating sales funnels, the marketing and selling process has now become much more streamlined.

This means less time, less effort, and less initial setup. This also means more sales and happier customers. So what are sales funnels anyway and how can it help you out? Let’s dive into that right now.

Creating Sales Funnels For Course Creators

A sales funnel is simply a way to direct attention to one goal. In the case of course creators, you’d be directing attention to the ability to sell your course. Last but not least, another side-goal would also be having your customers go through your entire course.

So how can you put a sales funnel like this together? Here are a few tips when it comes to creating sales funnels, and what you should aim to add in the process.

Start With A Lead Capture Page

So many course creators want to go straight for the sale. While this is a way to get started, it’s not one of the best ways to maximize your sales. Instead, you can put a lead capture page in front of your sales page.

This is helpful because it allows you to collect leads who are interested in what you have to offer. Even if you don’t make the sale right away, you can always follow up with them in the future to remind them about your course or any other promotions that you might have.

The great thing about most sales funnel tools, is that they offer both landing pages and email marketing tools. This means that you won’t need to purchase a few separate software tools, as you can get everything that you need from just one software.

Add Multiple Pricing Points

If you haven’t sold too many courses yet, don’t worry about it. Something that you’ll find out eventually is that customers like multiple ways of paying. This can be based upon the overall price, or how they will end up paying.

So for starters, make sure that you give customers the ability to pay using multiple payment processors. An example of this can simply be both PayPal or Stripe. This allows them to pay with a credit card or utilize PayPal which is one of the most trusted and safest payment processors.

In terms of how much your online course costs, you can also allow multiple payment options here as well. For example, you have monthly payments, annual payments, or an even a bigger one-time payment. For example, this could be $10 per month, $100 per year, or $250 one-time payment to get lifetime access.

Those are just random estimates, so make sure that you do some research about what price point works the best for you. It’s important that you offer some type of discount for paying annually or using the lifetime option.

Motivate Your Loyal Customers

You wouldn’t have a business if it wasn’t for the great customers purchasing your products. So make sure that you treat them right when they are taking in all of your helpful information. There are quite a few ways to do this.

In terms of customer satisfaction, you can always dazzle them with the great information that you give on the inside of your course. On the other hand, there’s always plenty of ways to gamify the process.

For example, many software tools come with the ability to give badges or awards whenever a customer has completed a specific task. If you’ve ever seen online certificates being presented in Facebook groups, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

These also serve the purpose of your customers being able to refer other users. Just think about all of the customers who can promote you simply by sharing their accomplishments on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Create Webinars For Your Customers Too

This is something that a lot of course creators often forget after the sale is already made. It’s the fact that there are going to be plenty of people who want to learn more information from you. And what better way to do that than present a webinar?

Webinars are great because they allow you to sell higher-ticket items on a live presentation. Live presentations aren’t as bad as many people make them out to be too. It’s like many things when it comes to online marketing, the more you do, the better you get at them.

Webinars are also one of the best ways to increase the income of your online business. This holds true especially if you plan on selling some type of one on one or group coaching package. So keep that in mind if you’re looking to add an extra big income source on the backend of your online course business.

So those were four helpful tips that come along with the process of using sales funnels to sell your online courses. While there’s going to be an investment to use or create some type of sales funnel, it’s pretty simple to make it pay off as long as you’re willing to put in the work.

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