You Should Set Up A Pop UP Food Stall

The Infrastructure

You don’t need a great deal to get a mobile food stall up and running, but you still need some things. You’ll have to rent a truck, for starters, so you’re able to transport your kitchen to and from its location. The kitchen will be the most important thing. You can usually buy mobile kitchens for relatively cheap second hand. Hot water pressure washers can make them look just like new, and will also come in handy when it comes to having a deep clean once a week. You’ll also need to look into any permits your local council might require you to have.


The Right Taste

The essential ingredient to a pop up food stall is having high quality ingredients and a unique taste. Pick a type of food and go with that; you should try to be the best at producing one type of food, not all foods. Once you’ve got your genre of food (let’s say Mexican), you should endeavor to put your own spin on it. People can get Mexican food anywhere: they’ll come to you because they can’t get what you offer anywhere else.


All About the Location

You’ll need to pick a great location from which to operate. It should have plenty of foot traffic and be in a space that is desirable, trendy, and pleasant to be in. The good news is that you’re a mobile business, so you can always move should business not quite be as expected. You’ll need to blend with the vibe of your location, which you should have no trouble with if you’ve applied your marketing talents and your vehicle is well cleaned and fit for purpose.  


Marketing Niche

A lot of the pop up food stall industry is based on its marketing. You’re not just offering food: you’re offering a lifestyle. Your branding should be cool, innovative, arty. It should, for lack of better word, be trendy. You only have limited space to put your designs together, so get your creative thinking cap on and see what you can come up with.


A Good Attitude
Above all, the key to a successful pop up food stall is: you, and your good attitude! You’ll be making food all day, which is awesome, but there’s a lot of nitty gritty details to cover too. You’ll be doing a lot of cleaning for example, and will have to ensure your kitchen is spotless if it’s to meet local requirements. But you’ll have a great summer if you throw yourself into it!

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