Are You Subconsciously Turning Your Customers Away?

You can try your best to win the favor of your customers, but what if you’re unintentionally doing something that is putting them off your company? What we say is only a small percentage of our communication, after all, and if you’re finding customer engagement difficult to come by, then it might not be something you’re saying that is having them run to the hills, but something you’re doing. Take a look at some of the under-the-radar factors that influence customers, and check that you’re not guilty of any of them.

Jumping Through Hoops

It doesn’t matter how busy you are as an individual, as a company you should always make it straightforward for your customers to get through to you when they need to. More companies should make it a habit of reviewing the process of getting through to the staff. You can try it yourself, right now if you like. Simply act like a customer and see how easy it is to get a question about the company answered by one of your employees. If you end up getting frustrated with how long it takes, then put yourself in your customer’s shoes!

Unwelcoming Workplace

You might just see your workplace as a place to get things done, but that’s not what it is to your clients. To them, it’s a physical representation of what you stand for as a company. If they’re not impressed with your workplace, then they won’t be impressed by your company; it’s as simple as that. If you haven’t done so, make commercial cleaning in your workplace a priority. A clean, well-organized workplace will give you the foundation you need to make your workspace reflect your branding. You can also go above and beyond, by installing fresh scents and agreeable climate control settings. Anything, in effect, to make it seem welcoming to your visitors!

Hoping for Attention

You want your staff to get along with one another. Workers much more effectively, overall, if they’re happy at the job, and one of the surest ways to ensure this is to work with your friends. There is a potential problem, however, if the friends are having too good at a time when they’re working together. If you have a brick and mortar store, it’s best for everyone if it’s a fun space with laughter and good energy floating around, but only if the customer can feel included in that fun. If they’re ignored because your staff is talking to one another, they’ll quickly go elsewhere.

Body Language

Finally, remember to check your body language. Remember above, when we said that most communication was not verbal? A lot of it is tied up in our body language. Even if we’re not feeling at our best, always keep in mind that your customers will be picking up on whatever you’re radiating.

It’s difficult enough to keep hold of customers; you don’t want to lose them because of something you’re doing subconsciously! They pick up on everything, though, so make sure your business is watertight.

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