Technology That’s Indispensable in the Modern World of Retail

We’re all familiar with the world of retail because we’re all consumers. When you step into a shop these days, you can expect to encounter all kinds of technology. And there is a lot used behind the scenes that you might not even know about if you don’t work in the sector. There are lots of interesting ways in which it’s used, including some new advances that we can all expect to become familiar with. If you want to learn more about how the sector uses technology, here are the most indispensable examples.


Payment Technology


Payment technology is vital because we all need to pay for the things we buy, and retailers need to get their hands on our money as swiftly as possible. It’s in everyone’s best interests to make the checkout process as smooth and easy as possible. Companies want our money, and we want to get out of there with our purchases as soon as possible. The credit card scanner is still an indispensable tool in the retail sector, but changes are happening. For example, contactless and cardless payment systems are becoming more commonly used. Smartphones can now be used to make payments.


Security Systems & CCTV


Security is a big concern for retailers these days. There is so much money lost out on every year due to theft in the retail sector. The biggest companies and stores spend vast amounts of money on security systems, CCTV and other technology that can make theft more difficult. Sensors are used in doorways to raise the alarm as thieves leave. And most stores monitor the shop floor and watch customer behaviour. They then track anyone who they think might be acting suspiciously. For people who don’t like being watching by some anonymous employee while they shop, this doesn’t sound great. But that’s what companies do.




Retailers have to keep a close eye on their stock levels and inventory. If they get low on an item, they could become unable to meet the demand of customers. This is not a situation any business wants to be in. RFID tags help to tackle this problem because they provide managers with up to date information about inventory levels and when order need to be placed. That way, stores can keep up with demand and manage their stock in a more intuitive and successful way. This can only be a good thing for retailers and customers alike.


Smart Fitting Rooms


Smart fitting rooms might not be commonplace just yet, but they will be soon. A number of retailers already use them because they place more control in the hands of shoppers. One thing they can do is allow the customer to change the light levels in the fitting room. This means that the customer can see what the clothes they are trying on will look like in different lighting arrangements and settings. They even allow customers to request different sizes or colours of items be brought to them to try on. It would be great if this sort of tech were present in every clothing store.

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