The Most Effective Method To Win A Little Business Award: Business People Share Strategies For Success

Written by: Evelyn Wilson

Follow These Tactics From Business Experts If You Want To Win A Business Award. 

These Tricks From Business Specialists Will Make You An Award-Winning Business Owner

Summary: Are you an award-winning business? If not, then you can be so. If you’re good at what you do and deliver what your clients want, then you have no reason to avoid putting yourself forward for relevant awards. Furthermore, you don’t have to wait for someone else to do it on your behalf. Business owners like you can submit their own names as nominations for business awards.

“And the award for the best small business goes to…,” well, it could be you. By establishing yourself as an award-winning business, you will be able to attract high-paying clients and customers. Credibility accompanies awards despite being a third-party endorsement. However, before you can add the word “award-winning” to your business biography, you have a lot of work to do.

As already mentioned earlier, winning a small business or entrepreneurial award will help your company gain credibility and recognition. The benefits don’t stop there either. According to studies conducted by specialists[1], award-winning small businesses experienced growth by 63%[2] in terms of operating income and 39% growth in terms of sales compared to the businesses that didn’t win accolades. In short, you will gain a lot if you win. However, if you don’t enlist your name, then you will never win it.

Choosing opportunities

The makers of an award-winning small business billing app say that innumerable awards for entrepreneurs and small businesses exist these days. Some of them are popular while others are industry-specific. Therefore, you have to consider whether you aim to win a local, regional, or national award. Your decision will dictate the competition’s size pool and exposure. The Chamber of Commerce or any other similar organization can offer local award opportunities.

You also have to identify the awards that your competitors received. If you can manage to knock them away from their proverbial altar by winning the same award in the following year, then you will gain the right to brag while establishing credibility almost instantly. State-based, regional, and national organizations readily recognize members who won awards for growth, achievement, customer service, and more.

The secrets

Here are a few secrets shared by successful business people who won awards.

  1. Being smart: First of all, you need to be smart about the awards that you enter. You have many options to explore. Your task would be to choose an award that you can win based on your strengths. You shouldn’t simply bet on the ones recommended for you. According to those who won awards, if you choose an award based on your strengths, then you can increase your chances of winning by 20%[3].You also need to be honest about your strengths and figure out ways to showcase it to the judges.
  2. Avoid agonizing: Upon identifying your strengths and finding appropriate awards, you shouldn’t vacillate over the ones to enter. You have to add your name to the list of the nominees. Only then you can expect to win. Winning a business award is a game of numbers. Therefore, it’s understandable that if you enter your name in several award functions, then you increase your chances of winning.
  3. Importance of standing out: The only way to impress the panel of judges is to stand out from your competitors. If you only resort to words, then you won’t even make a scratch. The judges expect to see how you can prove what you claim. Competitor analysis based on factors, such as service, value for money, innovation, sales, turnover, and profit figures will speak for themselves. These aspects aren’t subjective, after all. You shouldn’t hesitate to answer the questions that the judges will ask. Unless you fulfill all the entry requirements, you will keep going towards the bottom of the list.
  4. Proof of being the best: You must remember to prove to the judges that your organization is the best one in your category if you expect to win. It doesn’t mean that you have to be the best in your country or the world. You only have to be the most reliable and popular one in that particular category. Naturally, you need to be confident and take action by entering your name. In reality, most business owners have a better chance of winning than they believe.
  5. Money is king: Indeed, many people come up with bright ideas that sound excellent. However, some of these ideas don’t work or make money. That’s why you have to demonstrate that your product or service can cater to a market. There should be demand among your clients for that product or service, and your business has to be sustainable too.
  6. Simple explanations: You will have to describe your business in writing. For that purpose, you must use plain and simple English. Since some or all of the judges aren’t experts in your niche, they won’t understand intricate words and jargon. The designers of an award-winning invoice app for small business did the same thing. You must acknowledge the fact that there will be hundreds of entries. Therefore, you can alienate yours by assuming that the judges know the details of your sector or product.

Things to do after winning

Winning a business-related award comes with a truckload of excellent opportunities. You will get to advertise your company for free. The organizers of the award ceremony will publish the winners in their newsletter. Also, photographing the winner and publishing his/her photograph is customary for the organizers of specific award functions. You can link these publications and announcements to your social media accounts and website. Finally, you have to portray your excitement while retaining humility. Otherwise, too much bragging will tarnish can and will damage your reputation.

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