Tips for Finding Good Tradespeople

There are many reasons why you could need the services of a good tradesperson. From dealing with electricity to plumbing, from making vital repairs to your home to painting a bedroom, a good tradesperson will be able to assist in a variety of scenarios, ensuring whatever job you need help with is completed to the highest standard. 

Experience and Insurance are Vital

Most people know someone who can decorate, plaster, fit a new toilet or change your light switches, but are they experienced enough, and do they have the necessary insurance? What’s more, hiring a family friend might not be the best choice, especially if you find their work isn’t up to your standard and they don’t have the right qualifications to complete the job. That’s why, if you have a problem and are wondering ‘how do I find plumbing services near me?’ there are ways to find qualified, reliable people who will have all the required insurance.

They will be far less likely to cause more damage and will be insured to cover the costs of further repairs should this happen. They will also carry liability insurance so that if the work they do should cause someone to be injured, that person will be able to claim compensation, which the insurance company will pay.

Non-Emergency Jobs

Of course, there are key jobs you will want to do within your home which isn’t an emergency. It could range from needing your entire property rewired safely to building a brand-new extension. With such jobs, you will want the very best for your money, which is why hiring the best tradesperson is crucial. It’s very possible such jobs will be quite costly, so taking the time to speak to a range of tradespeople before you make a decision to hire one is a wise way to make sure you’re hiring someone you can trust and work with.    

There can be so many different trades involved in completing a larger task on your home and you need to ensure that every person involved has the right qualifications and experience to do a good job. You also need to realize that qualifications in all trades vary not just worldwide but from state to state. Never be afraid to ask the plumber, electrician or anyone involved in the work if their qualifications were gained in the US so that you know the work will be carried out to the right standards.

Insist on seeing their certificate of insurance, as you should never just take someone’s word for the fact they are covered. If you use a construction company or interior fitting company to do a large job in your home, it will be their responsibility to make sure all these things are in order and it is their insurance certification you will need to see.

Testimonials and Recommendations

When you are invited to read the testimonials on the website of a company you are considering using, remember that they will only ever show good ones, as they are able to control their own content. If you want to see true testimonials you should look at one of the independent sites where comments good and bad are posted. 

Sometimes, personal recommendations from friends and family are more reliable. If they have already had work done in their home, find out who they used and if they were impressed with the quality of work and professionalism of the people concerned. Ask your friends on social media about their experiences with tradespeople and you will no doubt have lots of information to work with.

It is not unusual for the best companies to not bother advertising. Word of mouth recommendations are one of the finest ways to get work, and if they do a good job this will happen for them.

Plan Where Possible

You will not have the time to plan if you find yourself in an emergency situation that needs a tradesperson immediately. However, if you are having work done on your home that is non-emergency, part of the key to a successful job is the planning and preparation. Ensure that you have the necessary permissions from the local authority for where you are located, discuss how you want the finished product to be and spend the time talking to different people in the trade to see what your options are.

Having work done on your home can be very disruptive for a while, but with good tradespeople, will be worth the upheaval.


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