Ways to Make Your Business Positively Impact the Environment

As concerns for the environment become an increasingly big issue, businesses are facing much more pressure to manage the impact they have on the planet. You may only run a small startup, but the effect that you have on the world can be huge, Thankfully, that means you can do a lot of good too. As well as the environmental benefits, establishing sustainable practices can improve your image and cut costs also. Here are six effective ways to build a sustainable business.

Cut Down On Paper

Among the many resources companies often waste, paper is by far the largest. We use paper every single day, often without even thinking about it. We take notes, print contracts, hand out flyers, and much more. That being said, it is very easy to reduce the paper you use. You could switch to email marketing, for example, and save important business documents on the cloud.

Replace Old Office Equipment

Every business relies on tech in one way or another. Even if you don’t require any specialist equipment, you’ll still need computers, printers, and phones at the very least. You can cut the cost of such technology by purchasing cheaper models, but this decision will cost you in the long run. To use less energy each day, you should upgrade to newer and more efficient models.

Look To The Roof

The roof is a space most entrepreneurs often overlook. After all, you probably don’t spend any time up there. However, switching to one of the many green roofing systems available can greatly improve your sustainability. You could generate your own energy with solar panels or install skylights to illuminate the office. Some businesses even grow garden up there.

Install A Bike Rack

The commute many people take to work each morning is long, stressful, and damaging to the planet. Installing a bike rack outside the office, therefore, may convince some of your employees to cycle to work, rather than driving. You might also want to incentivise this practice, by offering special rewards, like bonuses, days off, and other treats to anyone riding their bikes to the office.

Allow Flexible Work Hours
For certain members of your team, a packed schedule would make cycling to work too difficult. Because of this, you should try establishing flexible work hours. This would let your team choose when they went into the office, allowing them to fit their work around their home life. You could even let employees work from home, eliminating the need for an office in the first place.

Choose The Right Suppliers
All that you do for the environment will mean very little if you support suppliers that don’t share your values. With that in mind, you must work with companies and individuals who are also working to improve their sustainability. Doing this could help you to better your business even further, as you could learn how to be even greener from those people.

Building a sustainable business takes time and work, but the advice above should make it a little easier.

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