What Exactly Boosts Youtube Ranking?

Youtube is a very popular platform in our culture nowadays. It’s about 13 years old, has billions on videos on it for someone to watch their way through, and it’s brought about some of the biggest stars in the popular mindset nowadays. Kids and adults alike love to use it, and we couldn’t imagine heading anywhere else on a regular basis when we’re online.

It’s a platform that’s constantly innovating, and whilst not all of its moves are well liked, Youtube has plenty of edge over its competitors. And because of that, it’s where people flock to when they want to improve their online standing; so why not examine a couple of the biggest ranking boosts you can use to excel here?

How Long a Video Is

Also known as ‘watchtime’, how long a video is not only ranks it well in the search algorithm, but also in its availability for displaying adverts. If you’ve got 10 minutes or more of video for someone to watch, you’ve got a surefire ticket to increase your channel monetisation and Youtube itself putting you in the limelight more often.

Watchtime is something more and more people are taking notice of, seeing as they recently discovered it’s one of the main ways the algorithm will display your videos over someone else’s. And that’s quite clever, considering it allows Youtube to discover what people are willing to watch (considering the increased commitment), and allows both you and them to benefit monetarily from increased viewer exposure to sponsors.

The Technology Used

Everyone gets excited about technology; if something is sleek and shiny, new and exciting, people are going to click on a video that uses it! Quality of the content matters after all, no matter how much clickbait is out there, and you can use this to your advantage. People are likely to click on you a lot faster when you put some cutting edge technology in the thumbnail alone!

So why not use a drone in your next video? Have it fly high above the city or the forest around where you live and record everything the human eye can’t see? And you can visit if you need a recommendation for which drone to invest in. You never know, you could get into the stock footage business with all the footage you can edit from these!

The Keywords in the Title

If you’ve got keywords, you’ve got something the algorithm can instantly recognise as matching a search term. People don’t search with coherence; they type in a word they want to see, and the Youtube works to bring up everything that could possibly be relevant. And sometimes it’s not very good at its job. So try and put some popular terms in your title and see what happens.  

Youtube is a difficult website to master, and the way it works is changing everyday. If you’re looking to jump on the bandwagon, make sure you’re always aware of methods like these.

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