What Is a Zoho Call Center?

Communication is key in any relationship. Today, we’re going to talk about the vital stream of communication between a business and its loyal customers. As a big corporation or small business, it’s essential that you are available and open to talk to your callers and always be providing great customer service. We have the right agent to help you do just that, and it may not be exactly what you think.


Call centers and contact centers are sweeping the nation as a better way to aid agent productivity and manage the metrics of your organization. Provide round-the-clock service and availability to your customers and clients with the help of a multi-faceted and flexible call center. Companies like Zoho and Bright Pattern have focused on CRM and communication integration through many different channels to help your company grow. Let’s take a closer look at Zoho contact center integration and how this can greatly benefit your customer interactions.


What exactly is a call center for larger organizations?


To start, it’s important to understand exactly what a call center is. The Zoho call center is a central software system that helps you process and communicate with clients throughout the customer experience. Any time someone makes an inbound call or tries the live chat, you’ll have the technology to help with the navigation of your customer service hotline. You can also enjoy systems that manage outbound calls in successful ways. Help your team members focus on personal interactions while your digital support team gets all the important information. This workflow automation provides a better customer experience that is streamlined for your team and your clients.


Combine Zoho and Bright Pattern for a stellar contact center operation.

Zoho has primarily focused on CRM and improving the customer experience while Bright Pattern has a history of improving contact center operations. Now, these two organizations have linked up so you can enjoy all the power of Zoho CRM and Bright Pattern’s call center automation. Approach your phone calls and live chats by highly prioritizing the overall customer experience as a way to turn your target audience into loyal customers.


Enjoy omnichannel records for better workflows for your sales team.

One of the biggest benefits of a call center with Zoho integration is how everything is connected through an omnichannel. This means all your communications with clients are right there at your fingertips. Between call logs, text messages, outgoing calls, video chat, social media, and voice messages, you’ll have all the metrics and analytics in one place. No matter who on your team is communicating with that person, you’ll be able to see the history of communication whenever a new problem arises. Streamline your overall communication for all your sales reps with this excellent customer service element.

Rely on the cloud for better connections.


Make better connections between your team and with your clients thanks to cloud-based technology in your contact center. This means you’ll be able to connect with key features and reach out to new leads from anywhere at any time. Cloud-based technology means you aren’t tied down to one server and your sales reps will have more freedom to communicate with different clients.


Say goodbye to busy work with the help of AI and chatbots.

With so much to do on a daily basis, your service agents may feel stretched a little thin. Zoho contact centers include AI and bot technology that can field basic calls so it eliminates a little bit of busy work for your reps. This means they can get to the bottom of different issues in a streamlined, efficient way thanks to bots that start the initial conversation with your customers.

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