Why Live Streams Could Light Up Your Next Business Event

Increased accessibility on social media platforms including Instagram has meant that, even before 2020, live streaming was a significant area for business growth. A pandemic that quite literally left in-person sales off the table furthered this trend, seeing live stream increases across key business areas such as events rise by as much as 1000%.

Purely used as a practical tool at the time, the unexpected benefits of virtual events, in particular, saw live stream markets rising to heights of $94.04 billion even as in-person events resumed. Now, companies are increasingly considering a long-term plan towards hybrid events that incorporate both in-person and online capabilities for the best of both worlds. 

Of course, while sometimes immediate digital switches meant allowances for things like fuzzy footage and lost connections eighteen months ago, the future of event live streaming is very much dependent on strong connections either in-house or using 5G wifi rental. Professional in-the-moment broadcasting is also essential, either through internal teams with video editing experience or through outsourced video experts. 

The question is, why are live-streamed events worth these expenditures in the first place?

Reaching global audiences

As eCommerce sales gear up to dominante retail markets, seamless global reach is more important than ever. Unfortunately, few interested parties would be willing to travel to attend an event. Live streams are therefore fundamental for sending event sales power overseas, especially if experienced video editing teams incorporate subtitles in as many languages as possible. Saving live streams for future viewing also means that even clients in different time zones can easily access video content of product demonstrations, q&a sessions, and even talks that they’d entirely miss out on otherwise. 

Adding value for attendees

Live streams may predominantly have developed in the events field for individuals who are unable to attend in person, but live streams that you save for later access can also add significant value for attendees on the day. This is especially the case if day entry also buys unlimited access to saved live stream files, enabling them to either revisit talks or gain access to talks/product stalls that they couldn’t find the time for.

Generating buzz

Using technological innovation in any area of business can help to generate buzz, but studies have revealed that this is especially the case with event live streams. In fact, as many as 30% of people who watch a live-streamed business event will attend that same event in person next year. Streaming across platforms like Facebook especially ensures that event content is easily watchable, shareable, and organically found. As long as those videos are up to scratch and provide practical advice, this is guaranteed to end in significant buzz that could well mean doubled attendance next time you decide an event is in order. 

Live streaming an event can seem like another consideration at an already busy time, but the benefits of making the effort speak for themselves. So, whether you outsource live stream production or take care of this consideration internally, it’s time to perfect a hybrid approach to event exposure at long last. 


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