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6 Things Beyonce Taught Us In “Formation”

After a year of laying low, Queen Bey emerges the evening before her Super Bowl performance to drop her new video/song Formation.  

This Pro-Black anthem is unapologetic & was released perfectly in this Black History Month/ Mardi Gras season.

The Culture Supplier points  out 6 things we thought Beyonce wanted to make clear:


6 Things We’ve Learned from Formation


1. Don’t associate her w/ Illuminati. Ya’ll corny.


2. Louisiana mixed with Alabama made her a Texas Bama!


3. She loves her baby’s afro & her man’s Jackson 5 nostrils


4. She too has hot sauce stashed, SWAG.


5. If you’re a good boy you can go to Red Lobster or take a ride in her chopper.


6. She slay, okay! Now ladies lets get in formation,

cause she just may be a Black Bill Gates in the making!

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