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6 Reasons Why you Should Go See #StraightOuttaCompton


  1. Learn the back story on Dr. Dre, Ice Cube , Eazy E and how the music empires came about . Of course this story took place in the late 80’s and early 90’s. For one you probably weren’t born at the time and if you were you weren’t listening to rap music. But these artist are legends of our time.
  2. The start of the movie grabs you from the opening. You are instantly thrown into Eazy E’s life. Eazy E started off not as a rapper but as a drug dealer and the beginning of the movie you see the last straw he faces before going to form the group Ruthless and NWA.
  3. Ice Cube son plays his dad to near perfect . If you have listened to the past interviews you hear that O’Shea Jackson Jr. said he had to work 5 times as hard as his dad to get the role. And you can tell that he worked that hard. He has the walk, the voice and for majority of the movie till about the end he looks exactly like Ice Cube.
  4. Race places a major part in the film. The film shows racial issues that are still current today with African Americans and the police. There are several times in the movie where Dr. Dre has multiple encounters with the police. The film also touches on the Rodney King beaten that took place in L.A. and the cities reaction when the police were not convicted.
  5. Directed by F. Gary Gray.  He is another great film maker of our time who has directed some of the timeless films of our culture : Friday , Set it off , Negotiater  and the Italian Jobs. Films that can be played over and over and no one can get tired of them because they have great story lines.
  6. The Marketing for the Film backs the Quality. Over the past year we have seen films that have received  a array of marketing tactics to commercials, social media videos, ads, and numerous shoutouts from media outlets. But when they did the filter it took it to another level. Everyone for almost four days straight created these pictures with that logo. Now if that doesn’t make you want to go see what the hype about we don’t know what else to tell you. 
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