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A New Era of Consuming the Latest Music

[Dallas, TX – June 14th ,2015 ]


With last year’s purchase of headphones maker Beats, Apple got Beats Music, which offers unlimited listening and offline playback for $10 a month. That is evolving into Apple Music and will have a prominent spot on iPhones and other Apple devices, as well as a unique integration with Siri, Apple’s voice-activated digital assistant. Apple Music, set to debut June 30, will also be $10 a month, after a three-month free trial. The whole family can sign up for $15.

But wait there is more competition now.

Spotify is one of Apple Music’s biggest competitors in this space, with 60 million active users worldwide, and a quarter of them paying subscribers.  Rhapsody, operating as Napster in some countries, offers unlimited music for $10, along with a hybrid service called “unRadio” for $5 a month. Tidal and Deezer also offer high-fidelity CD-quality song streaming, which audiophiles tend to prefer over MP3s and other formats that reduce quality in the compression process. Tidal offers music video and curated playlists from experts.

Where do we go from here. Cd’s are out of the question now for most music listeners. So is every normal music lover paying $10 a month for an unlimited amount of music? The music business is evolving everyday along with society so we will see what the future holds.

Source – AP News

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