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Important Influencer: Spend Quality Time With Your Dad

You might be on different wavelengths culturally and have different tastes in music; however, the father figure in your life will have had a lot to do with who you are as an adult today. Therefore, it’s worth hanging out a little more with the old guy (he’s probably not reading this, right?) and sharing some quality time together, so you can appreciate his thoughts and help and learn respect for his opinions (even if you don’t agree with them). Your dad’s been around a lot longer than you, so if he has advice to offer; take note and utilize it, as he’s probably been in your position before and learned from his experience. The following are some ideas to encourage you to spend more quality time with your father, and they don’t include holidays and family dinners either (you should still attend both by the way).

Take Him Out


The chances are that you support your football or basketball team because it’s who you’ve grown up rooting for. Your dad is going to have been the one who ignited your team loyalties and encouraged you to follow their progress. Therefore, taking your pops out to watch a game or match, is a great way to bond and spend quality time with one-another. If you know that your dad catches the game each week; invest in a season ticket for you both, or take him to the major qualifiers that matter most. Eat hot dogs, drink beer, and ask him some questions; you’ll be surprised at the information you can get out of the old man when he’s in his element and favorite environment.


Maybe season tickets aren’t an option for you; take him to a sports bar regularly and enjoy the game over a beer and some potato chips. He’ll appreciate that you want to spend your time with him, and you’ll enjoy his company more and more. You can teach him cultural references and find out what he’s thinking about the latest Kendrick Lamar and Rihanna release (show him the video on your iPhone to gauge his reaction). Don’t edit subjects just because you don’t think he’ll be interested; he’s interested in his kid, so enlighten him a little.


If sports just aren’t your thing; take him out for food. You both must have a type of food that you enjoy, so make an effort to visit the latest burger joint or soul food restaurant with your pops instead of a date. You can catch up over the table and get to enjoy a decent meal too. The same goes for the movies; take him to watch the latest action movie that your mom won’t want to pay to see and enjoy an evening with him. Whatever you’ll both enjoy is the best option when it comes to taking your dad out for some quality time and a regular, thorough catch up.


Learn His Passion


If the old guy in your life enjoys doing something recreationally; learn the skills and join him. Whether it’s poker, chess, or golf; getting to grips with your dad’s favorite pastime is the perfect way to spend quality time together, and you’ll be learning from the master. Arrange a poker night or regular games night with your dad; you can sit across the table, catch up, and he’ll pass on all his best moves. Playing cards is also a great way to listen to both of your tastes in music so that you can educate each other on past and current tunes (your mom will also enjoy having you both under the same roof again).


If your dad is enjoying his retirement on the golf course; the chances are that he’s pretty fit and skilled, and he’ll be a challenge to beat. Get yourself a decent set of golf clubs; beginners should try these options and make it your aim to get close to his handicap. Your pop will love teaching you the ways of the golf course (and beating you for a while), and there’s no better excuse to go and grab a drink together after a game.


Don’t Call Just To Speak To Your Mom


Next time you call home to check in because you haven’t seen your folks for a while; don’t let your dad pass the phone over to your mom within the first 30 seconds of the call. Start a conversation with him so that he doesn’t get an insight into your life from a brief update from your mom after she’s hung up. Talking to your pops will ensure that your relationship grows, or remains, strong and you’ll be able to get an older man’s perspective on your issues and situation. Think how you’ll feel as a father, and make sure you have the relationship with your dad that you want to experience with your own kids when they grow up; you’ll both end up appreciate the effort.


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