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Texas Highschool Student Helps SWAT Police Fix Rebot


[Dallas, TX – July 2nd]

The Duncanville Police Department’s service robot was starting to look like a $10,000 paperweight. When the donation from the Texas 1033 Military Surplus Program failed to function, Lt. Gene Kropff was ready to ship it off to the FBI for help — but then a solution closer to home presented itself.

Kropff sent the robot to the Duncanville High School engineering department, where it caught the attention of Adrian Mayberry, who decided to fix it himself.

Adrian would tell you that he is just an average 17-year old student — noticed it in the corner of the classroom and asked if he could take it on as a personal project. He said the box it was in looked too important to be overlooked.

For weeks, Adrian sat at his kitchen table after dinner to read and re-read the manual that came with the robot. Once he identified the mechanical and software issues, he stayed after school every day to work on the robot.

“When I first got it to move forward, that’s when I knew I had accomplished something,” Adrian said.

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