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UNT Kicks Off Homecoming on Campus with Durag Day

The University of North Texas is celebrating homecoming this week. Today was durag day also know as  #WrapItUpDen they got everyone together to wear their favorite Durag and Bonnets for a group picture.

They even got the university mascot Scrappy and the schools President, Neal Smatresk to some the movement as well.  This was a pivotal moment in  UNT homecoming history in the multicultural  community as the university continues to diverse itself on all levels. There are not many university presidents’ who want to be involved and understand their campus make up .   If you have been following the campus over the past 15 years you know that the culture has shifted.

In 2011, Black Student Experience (BSE) was launched to introduce the University of North Texas to the campus to increase the success of Black students on campus. The retention rate and graduation rate has steadily increased because of this program. 

Just 3 years ago was the first time that an African American woman won Homecoming Queen in quite some time. 1973 North Texas Homecoming Queen, Rosalind Johnson, was crowned in a pre-game ceremony at Fouts Field.  Johnson was the first African-American to be elected Homecoming Queen at North Texas.

TCS spoke with one of the students that helped create the themes for this week , Da’Vonte Wade

“I thought of when I saw some videos and pictures from some brother at Morehouse. I sparked the conversation by putting in on twitter and students from UNT were down to make it happen. After that, I linked up with some other black student leaders here at UNT to talk about homecoming.”


They are known as The Finesse Kidz on campus, who are  creditable individuals trying to make UNT Homecoming something that everyone can enjoy  and never forget.

The hashtag #UNTCloutcoming is what they are using for this week. UNT is considered as the livest university in the state of Texas so it was only right that they went big for homecoming. 

Here is a run down for the rest of the week .

Monday was Durag and Bonnet Day #WrapItUpDen

Tuesday is #UNTwinDay

Wednesday is Jersey Day

Thursday is Throwback Thursday with 90s and 2000s clothing

Friday is #RepYaSet with our organization or clothing brand shirts.

The events are all on the flyer and it’s just more things that we want to not only do for our community but just to promote genuine love and unity at UNT, something that we felt like we were missing a bit on campus.

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