4 Reasons Songwriters Don’t Need A Record Deal

Amateur songwriters and artists used to face an uphill struggle when it came to releasing original music. That is because the process was long and expensive up until around ten years ago. These days, anyone can produce an album and release it to the global audience without breaking the bank. At the end of the day, success has more to do with marketing strategies than talent. With that in mind, we’re going to list some of the reasons people don’t need to arrange meetings with EMI to become famous. It’s possible to sell millions of records without corporate support, and that’s something we want to encourage.


Streaming websites can help people to get a lot of attention

Sites like YouTube or Musical.ly get millions of hits every single day. A significant percentage of those views are from people watching music-related videos. So, anyone who wants to make it big just needs to release an official video at the same time as their single. That will make the song more accessible, and it should increase download rates.


Making songs available for download is easy

Ever wondered how long it takes to make a song available for download or streaming on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify? Well, readers should be glad to know it takes a matter of minutes. Best of all? It’s not going to break the bank, and you can do it for only a few dollars. There are specialist companies that handle the process from start to finish. So, people just need to search Google and find the best service.


There are lots of websites to promote new music

There are thousands of websites where people can submit new music for promotion or review. Building an audience on those platforms is a wise move. Just search for unsigned artists domains and then make some submissions. If the songs are good enough, they will get attention and thousands of people will listen and share.


People are free to create the music they want to release

The main downside of using a record company is that the individual loses some creative control. The business owner will have the final say on which songs are released, and which are rejected. That can seem disheartening for artists who want the freedom to make whatever music their mind creates. When people release songs without support, there are no restrictions at all. That is why so many serious artists are following that path these days.


As you can see from the four points made on this page, it’s more than possible to make it alone. The only real advantage of having record company backing is that they will spend a lot of cash on marketing. Of course, that shouldn’t make a difference is the song is appealing to a broad audience. In most instances, people just need to promote their music using social media and the methods mentioned on this page. Hundreds of artists have made their way into the charts using that strategy in the last year alone. That is a trend we expect to continue.

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