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Artist who were discovered through the Internet

Author : Bee.Michelle 

Thanks to the Internet, we now live in an era where any and everything you need is at your finger tips.

It should be no surprise that the music industry has also been affected by the innovation of the World Wide Web.  It seems so far removed from reality at this point but there was a time when we depended on a music label to discover, develop and advertise artist.  Although this approach may have brought us some of the greatest artistic minds of all time, it’s undoubtedly an archaic formula in relation to the mindset of a millennial.  In a world seemingly obsessed with obtaining mental freedom and chasing dreams, the people now choose the talent. Recognizing this shift in power is pivotal for the up and coming artist.

Now that the Internet is so heavily involved, the potential of an artist is limitless. Once confined to physical regions and genres, the artist is now exposed to a surplus of opportunity. Using platforms such a Soundcloud and Audiomack, an artist has the ability to control his or her own fan base without the budget of a major label.

With the click of a button, the rapper from Pensacola, Florida has reached the blogger in San Francisco. The global reach the Internet represents is essential to the success of an unsigned artist. With just a simple retweet, a producer can go from making beats in his basement to landing placements on the album of top artists. In writing, the process is easy; make a profile, become successful. However, the key for the unsigned artist is creating and cultivating something that no other artist can offer.


The Internet also can be a major aid in this aspect. We’ve become an extremely visual culture.  An image says more to our society than a speech. Although this may be a negative that we may pay for later on down the road, it’s a reality that an artist looking to reach stardom should certainly consider. In the “old days” (pre- 2000’s), most multimedia related intelligence was limited to “professionals”; people with degrees and years of experience working in the field. The unsigned artist of today has the luxury of following four videographers, two photographers, and three graphic designers on Instagram or Twitter; all of which are self taught with reasonable pricing.

The aspiring singer/ rapper/ producer is a DM away from an IG profile that looks as though he or she has already made it to the big leagues. Presentation is key when attempting to gain support. By enlisting the help of others in fields that may not be your expertise, you’ve enhanced your image; which in turn contributes to success.

The Internet in a sense removes the middle man (i.e. the record label) from the equation of a prosperous musical career. However, for those who see a record deal as the main objective, the reach of the Internet can also be an asset. After a decent following is established and a brand worthy image has been constructed with the help of your social media followers, your Internet portfolio just might grab the attention of the right person.  That “right” person could be the nephew or brother of an A&R for Sony or label executive personally.  At this point, if an artist has used the many tools the internet has to offer, the record executive understands that they may have stumbled across a treasure or a one of a kind artist.

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