9 Things We Weren’t Expecting in Drake’s ‘In My Feelings’ Video

By: Malinda Janay

Any Drake album is going to have an annoyingly addictive bop or three. With the release of the singer/rapper’s latest album, Scorpion, that bop is “In My Feelings.” 

The song not only hit record-breaking numbers, but the internet has been filled with both celebrities and ordinary folk alike recreating their version of the dance thanks to comedian Shiggy’s viral #InMyFeelingsChallenge.

With all the buzz surrounding the record, Drake finally released the official video. It’s not exactly what we were expecting which is why we love it. Here are nine things we didn’t anticipate Drizzy to hit us with: 

1. Drake’s NOLA accent

Drake is from Canada; however, the Toronto-raised rapper has been known to show love to different genres and cultures. This time, he shows it to NOLA and bounce music, even pretending to have a fake New Orleans accent. It could use a little work, but he hasn’t lost those acting skills completely.

2. Drake showing love to HBCUs

Drizzy sports a Rattlers jersey in the video, word to Florida A&M University!

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