Album Review 10 Freudian Love Endorsements with Daniel Caesar

By : Thadd Will

Well guys it’s official, I have my wedding plans ready for action, all I have to do is find the perfect woman and it’s a go.  Okay not really because I’m single, but that’s how much this Freudian album by Daniel Caesar has my heartless romantic emotions pulsating.  The album released in August of this year and it is now October which means I have been able to soak in each song with clarity and a new eats each listen.  The 10 track album is sonically, synchronized flawlessly explaining the ups and downs of what love is and what love means.  Caesar is a Toronto, Canada native and has been working toward this moment for awhile now, with projects such as Praise Break and Pilgrim’s Paradise.  For this segment I decided to do 10 Freudian Love Endorsements explaining my opinion of each title track and what it means to me.  By the way, this is a play off Notorious BIG’s “Ten Crack Commandments” for the uncultured millennials

  1. Get You ft. Kali Uchis – First single off the album, Caesar gives the listeners a direct point of view of being in love with the one that matters no matter what circulates around them.  The smooth, slow dance vibe is perfect for you and your significant other to tortoise two-step in the middle of the living room and feed each other forehead kisses with the lights dimly lit.  Caesar sets up Kali’s vocals at the end for all women to sing to their man how much they love them and bask in the moment of tenderness.

  2. Best Part ft. HER – This record will be the most requested song to use during Valentine’s Day, first dance wedding song, or theme music to an anniversary PowerPoint presentation because of its endearing lines of unconditional love. HER’s vocals set the tone as Caesar follows her cue, sonically meshing his voice with the record like an Uzi Vert shoulder shimmy. Both artists explain in their verses how much adoration they have for each other as well as tag teaming for the chorus and outro.

  3. Hold Me Down – Begins with Caesar seeking validation from the one he loves asking her to be vocal about their situation. Daniel shows his vulnerability and courageous acts to the girl as she drives him to madness with her constant push and pull love. He then realizes it’s not he who is confused but said person is, which is tough for him because he was willing to have babies with her.  In today’s society, men have always struggled with being vulnerable to the person they are dating or in love with.  The only action is to work on self and trust the process.  Caesar then takes the second verse and converts the familiar melody and soprano of Kirk Franklin’s “Hold Me Now” into a submission of loyalty.  The harmonies on the gospel sample part were done with him and Toronto collective “Candace Tribe”.

  1. Neuroses (Transgressors Song) – Yes, the song title has a double meaning between neurosis and neuroses. Neurosis intertwines with the realm of psychiatry, keeping the theme of the album title Freudian; relating to the feelings of the song being anxious but lost within reality. Neuroses incorporates gospel influences as the word “transgress” is heavily associated with the Bible, violating the moral law. Nevon Sinclair is the unaccredited voice you hear singing alongside Caesar as she pleads for him to not leave her because it would turn her sunshine into shade. Caesar replies back to her in the second verse stating his case as her being a toxin to his life but because of him being deeply in love his mental can not escape them not being together.


  1. Loose – The interlude that’s not called an interlude. LET HER GO MAN SHE’S BAD FOR YOU!, is the premise of this record and begins the transformation of the album that reflects a relationship fading away for the meek. In the outro, Caesar croons “You don’t love me anymore, let’s see how you like this song.” to show his evolution finding mental consciousness to move on from the one he once loved. He figures out that sometimes dreams are unrealistic and relationships or love do not work despite how two people feel about each other. 

 6. We Find Love – My initial thought when I first heard this record was a cover to Donnie McClurkin’s “We Fall Down”. Sonically it sounds similar and has amazing keyboard structure that carries the record into fruition. Caesar seeks to express intolerable closure for what happened.  The song demonstrates him finding the beauty in the negative situation and appreciating that love can still be found in failed connections.  Caesar looks to his partner for a touch, though temporary it is a solution that he is willing to fight for

7. Blessed – “Here Comes The Bride” finally has a modern day version ready for action boss! In all seriousness, this record is meant to be the soundtrack of your Honeymoon adventures. Everything that you and your significant other have worked for to get to the point of relationship bliss is represented in Blessed”. Caesar bellowing out, “Yes I’m a mess, but I’m blessed to be stuck with you.” shows how much he loves his woman no matter how much he’s done wrong.  The song was also featured in the season finale of the Issa Rae’s show Insecure when her “future” with Lawrence flashes in her head.

8. Take Me Away ft. Syd – There’s a new lover in town and Caesar adores her to the highest degree. She brings him weed and will swallow his kids without attention to the emotional aspect of their relationship. It’s a new experience for both partners as they are enjoying each other’s company.  This is the most shallow song on the album as far as true substance in meaning. However, Syd from the group The Internet, blesses the mic with her mono-tonal vocals eventually taking over the outro to finish the record.

9. Transform ft. Charlotte Day Wilson – Jeremiah 13:23 equates to the opening lines of Caesar’s intro that state, “If a leopard never changes its spots how can I change what I’ve got?”. His self conscious is seeking to change what’s already instilled in him. Throughout the record Caesar battles his demons of being addicted to the past relationship like a drug because of how shared emotions between him and her. The wonderful Charlotte Day steps in to let him know hey I accept you for who you are just lay your pride down with me and we can move forward.

10. Freudian – The last track. We Made It. It’s a two part song. The first part is Caesar declaring to the woman she’s the reason he’s alive and well on this earth. He feels as if he has to do everything for her and there’s no turning back. The slow paced record shines harmonies that put a southern Baptist church choir to shame.  A skit from Sean Leon appears that is reminiscent of the skit from Frank Ocean’s “Futura Free”.  In the second part of the record, Caesar sings over church organ chords without drums in a monotone voice.  Daniel goes on to sing about human sacrifice and the consequences that come with the chase of love.


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