Artist Spotlight : Meet Dallas Emcee Rajiyah

Meeting Dallas Emcee Rajiyah

Where are you from?: “Home of the killas, home of the G’s! Dirty Dirty D Dallas,TX born and raised.”- Rajiyah

Who are you inspirations?: “My early inspirations were Lauryn Hill and 2Pac. Today I’m inspired a lot by J.Cole. I love other artists like K.Dot, Nas, Hov, Dave East, 3Stacks, Big Krit, and the list goes along the line of people that keep hip hop alive, have substance in their music, and write their own lyrics. I jam Meek Mill too, he speaks for us in the streets most def! – Rajiyah

When did you feel like you could be a full-time Emcee? : “I always felt like I could be a rapper. I use to learn the words to all the songs that I liked and pretend it was mine. I remember performing a Bow Wow song at a elementary school talent show, and a lady asked me if I wrote that and I was like naw that’s Bow Wow song. That’s the day I learned you write your own music, and I had to be maybe 10/11 years old. Fast forward, I became a hooper it was my life. I got a couple D1 scholarships but I didn’t get to finish my career because I wasn’t there mentally. Once I left my last school I just jumped into rap like fuck it, this is what I’m going to put 1,000% into and see how far I go.” – Rajiyah

Define your style: “My style is raw bar for bar hip hop. I’m stuck in the 90’s! I feel I have my own style and I created a lane for myself in the music game.” – Rajiyah

What else should we know about Rajiyah?: “I also have a clothing line called S.O.L.O Clothing (Staying Original Living Original). It’s still in the works, well re-works. I’m getting it back up and running so I can get back to getting my brand out to the world.” – Rajiyah

In the past years that I have known Rajiyah I have been a fan of hers, on the court and when her lyrics caress a beat.

I met Rajiyah while in college back in my hometown area where she was playing basketball for a good ass team that actually made it to the National Tournament. From all of the people that I have met while in college she is one of the friends that I can call family.

Everything she has said from her inspirations to her rapping style is true, as you can definitely tell from her music. I’m hella excited to see the blessings that she will receive in this upcoming year. Also, the blessings that you will receive from her becoming your new favorite DALLAS artist!

& her brother nice too, but that’s really another story…


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