Dave East Releases New Video to “Keisha”

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Judging from “Keisha,” Dave East’s debut album “Kairi Chanel” is about to be fire.

Earlier today, ascendant Harlem rapper Dave East announced that he will release his debut album Kairi Chanel on September 30th. Not a few hours later, he returns with a new track from the album that illustrate his extra storytelling chops: “Keisha.”

“Keisha” is a cautionary tale of drunken lust gone wrong. Dave East sits in the park, recounting the tale in vivid detail to his boys. One day, he met a Queens girl named Keisha shopping up in Harlem. “Black but had them Spanish features.” They exchange numbers and East later heads from the club to her hotel room,stopping at the condom spot along the way. He’s got 15 thousand in his jeans and Hennessy in his system…

This is surely one of Dave East’s best songs to date.

Quotable Lyrics

Maybe I was buggin, I was drunk, she was ready though
Came up out of everything, R. Kelly on the radio
Slim waist, Hershey chocolate skin, ass heavy though
On everything, I fucked this bitch delirious, shit Eddie know
Henny taking over, we passed out, at least I did
15,000 in my Balmains, I’m lackin’

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