[Eargasm: Music Review] @JadaD_ Reviews the New @KennyEdmonds Album #ReturnoftheTenderLover



EARGASM: Music Review


After writing 2000+ songs, it’s hard to believe that Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds can still bring the hits. But who am I kidding – he’s a LEGEND.


If you’re a TRUE R&B lover then you’ll love, #RETURNOFTHETENDERLOVER, his first solo album since Playlist (2007). Make sure you dim the lights and have a nice glass of wine when you press play. Return of the Tender Lover is for the mature CULTURE only. So if “new age” R&B is your thing, you won’t be ready for this.


The first track on the album “We’ve Got Love” is in heavy rotation on all Urban AC radio stations and is guaranteed to get you off your feet. Although it’s been 8 years since his last solo album, Babyface never stops working. If you know musicianship, then you won’t miss the smooth from the bass players, the incredible “velvet” saxophone sound and complete musical ensemble.


I personally wanted to get up and two-step when “Something Bout You” came on. Babyface once said, “My goal is to make unapologetic R&B music……” Let me tell you something – everything about this album has me yelling: YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! KENNY!


With cuffing season in full affect, expect this album to be paired with a good time with your favorite “Bae.” And this album will be on repeat, I’ve convinced myself that he wrote “Stand Ovation” specifically for me.


[re-adjusts my crown] – thanks Kenny. Return of the Tender Lover is available now.
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