[Eargasms] DJ Shakee Releases New Track “Underated”

Being in the city DJ Shakee elaborates on some of the obstacles of a being a local producing artist with great talent. He discusses some of the barriers most talented upcoming artist face as they continue trying to breakthrough. Shakee produced this track himself to be down earth grungy and hard! This shit is HARD. Give it a listen! This track is set to release on Soundcloud, and at DJShakeeMusic.com Ttomorrow Tuesday, June 6! It will also be available for streaming on Apple Music, and Spotify Thursday June 8!
Beginnning with production DJ Shakee focused primarily to create an unorthodox groove! The melody of this beat edges through with a bit of a dark western soundscape. He then instantly drops the Kicks and 808s to suddenly give it this stagnant, warped vibe. The vocals on this track are nonetheless icy, clean, and consistent to the title of the song. This track is super dope and expects great response. Give it a listen as it will somehow catch your attention, and stick to your mind. LIT.
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