Marvel Music Monday V8

A few years ago my homeboy smoke called me and said ” DAWG YOU GOTTA CHECK THIS N**** OUT HIS NAME ASAP ROCKY. Now my homie smoke rarely gets excited about music, so I decided to listen to the young fella. After hearing live love Asap I was throughly impressed. However, for some reason I just stopped listening to rocky. But once again, it’s marvel music Monday so let’s examine Rocky’s Debut album Long Live Asap.

As previously mentioned I was a fan of Rocky’s flow. There were parts of this album that reminded me why I was a fan. If you listen to him, he is not shy about letting his listeners know of the impact southern hip hop has had on him. Long Live Asap has a few tracks where you can hear those influences, it shows the most on the track entitled Jodye. Rocky channels his inner Master P on this joint and it’s probably my third favorite track on the album. The first two have to be the party classic that is F***** Problem and the super dope MC link up that is 1 train.

Early on last week in a PlayStation chat party, I discussed this album a little bit with some gamers. The consensus was that rocky is trying to extend his fan base by trying a few things different musically. Songs that seem to have more a techno Friday night on a downtown strip let’s pump our fist type beat, mainly the track entitled wild for the night. All in all, this isn’t a bad album it just isn’t my type of hype.


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