[SIT DOWN] Famous Dex speaks on childhood & relationship with Lil Jay with Say Cheese TV

We were blessed enough to sit down with rising Chicago artist Famous Dex in Los Angeles for an interview! He speaks on his Childhood, how he met Lil Jay! He also speaks on Chief Keef & Lil Jay beef! Lil Jay charged with 5 years in jail & more.

We see alot of Chicago artist and this was the first time we can recall that someone was not only being real about their situation but showed how they want to change the game. Shawn Cotton, creator and founder of Saycheesetv.com mentioned during the interview that Famous Dex did not have guns in his videos. Famou Dex replied saying for 3 reasons ”  1. He wants to perform at schools 2. The young people are looking up to me 3. I want to see if people can not talk about guns in their videos, Im straight I don’t have to talk about it.”

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