Meet Artist Liv Free and Find Out Her Music Inspiration and More

We had the pleasure to hear from artist Liv Free and this is not the first time we have heard about her. Now when you play Liv Free music, if you don’t stop what you are doing immediately and listen you just don’t know good music. Her lastest track ” OD ” – put your ear to the speaker and listen.. THE END.

[Dallas, TX – June 17, 2015]

Name: Liv Free

Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Upcoming project: Currently working on an r&b/hip hop project that is set to be released early 2016
Producers: Campion Bond (@CampionBond)
Inspiration: People inspire me. I like to see them happy and if I can do that through my music then I’ve done my job.
How do you measure or define success? Success is measured by true happiness.
Who has been your music inspiration? Toni Braxton. Hot Boyz. Gospel music. Brandy. Beyoncé.
3 Things you must have with you at the studio?: Tea. My notebook. Positivity.
Top 5 albums ever created ?: Blue stars by Pretty Ricky. Simply Deep by Kelly Rowland. GIRL by Pharrell, Journals by Justin Bieber,  Born Sinner by J Cole. No particular order.
Why do you call yourself Liv Free ? My middle name is Olivia so I shortened that. And Free sums me all up in one word.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVA_M8m06Do]

Official Website: www.FreeLivFree.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/FreeLivFree
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