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Event Recap : Hip Hop Book Club Stops in Houston ft. Big Krit

By: Crayton Gerst

Have you ever considered joining a book club? If you were to ask this question to most people expect nothing less than blank stares and snickers at the idea of spending valuable time sitting in a circle discussing a paperback. The reality of this generation is that many of us don’t read regularly and the ones who do aren’t such avid readers to sign themselves up for a traditional book club.

Part of our distaste for reading may be the fact that we are often reading things that are uninteresting to us. Now, if we were engaged in the things that we read and discuss our energy may be a lot different. That being said, imagine the structure of a usual reading circle that has traded in books for your favorite rap records and you have now been introduced to The Hip Hop Book Club… you’re welcome.

HHBC, is where true fans of the art and culture gather to digest, discuss, and debate contemporary and classic Hip Hop in a public setting. The club’s non traditional approach to the reading group has fostered an environment for creative conversation. But, before you can go to the next episode you need to know exactly how to “Book Club.”

 The rules go as follows:

  1. Listen to the project over and over again at least 20 times.
  2. Get your thoughts together, write them down if you need to!
  3. Be ready to discuss, in depth.
  4. Come out and break the record down with the group
  5. Tell a friend to tell a friend.

The group has hosted numerous discussions already and has now made its way to Houston this time joining forces with Hustlegrade at Alley Kat Bar & Lounge. The topic of this installment was the sixth and arguably most notable mixtape by Mississippi rapper, Big K.R.I.T., titled Krit Wuz Here. Although this isn’t his newest project it is important as a major elevation point in K.R.I.T.’s career as he began to solidify a real fan base.

The discussion was segmented into four pillars Influence, Visual, Production, and Lyrics. Ultimately, the purpose of this discussion is to provide a platform to educate and converse with one another on the music. The driving questions for the conversation pressed individuals to answer questions from their perspective relative to the pillars. How do you relate to the music? What is your opinion’s on the artist growth and influence? What’s your story on discovering K.R.I.T.?

Recap video Shot By Curry Visions

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