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Years & Years Slays Opening Performance For Ellie Goulding

Photos By: Meme Urbane

Years & Years

Verizon Theatre, with Ellie Goulding for Delirium World Tour

April 18th, 2016


Many of today’s artists challenge the norm and break the mold, but few shatter it. Few artists make it out of the confines of their home studios and basements, but British electronic pop trio Years & Years are unabashedly taking the world by storm. After the release of their critically acclaimed debut album Communion last fall, the band is currently on-road alongside songstress Bebe Rexha supporting Ellie Goulding for her Delirium World Tour, and they’re certainly snagging hearts along the way.  A bubbly performance complete with carefree vibes and hearty smiles, the threesome was the perfect selection to act as an adhesive to keep the night’s energy uprising cohesively.

“Hello, Dallas!” warbled frontman Olly Alexander as he takes center stage, giggling shyly as he waves to the crowd, sporting an eye-catching, shimmery pair of sequin shorts. Hundreds of glitter-clad adolescents shout in response, likely elated to see their favorite Londoners perform, while partially attributing that liberating enthusiasm to being out so late on a school night. Accompanying him on either side are his comrades,  Emre Türkmen on the synthesizers and Mikey Goldsworthy blazing the keys, and the musical trio set their sights on their Dallas fans before sending them into ecstasy.

“You know, I have a special love for Dallas,” Alexander teases in his unmistakably thick British accent, and transcends into the set with hits such as, “Desire” and “Take Shelter,” the crowd emulating every syllable. It was then that Alexander became loosely comfortable, unraveling a slew of fluid dance moves to the rhythm, pivoting and prancing about the platform, gyrating his hips and swaying his torso.  He then helped slowed the tempo with some softer ballads from their discography, and even pulled up a seat in front of a keyboard to show off his prowess for the claviature. From there he segued into a mash-up cover of Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” and “Hotline Bling” by Drake, delicately strumming the ivory keys as he simultaneously  serenaded and ‘wowed’ the onlookers with his impeccable vocals, never once faltering or wavering.

The triad then revitalized the night’s dynamism with their final selection, “King” which peaked at No. 1 on the UK Singles Charts in 2015, and is notably their most amazing masterpiece to date. The entire venue instantly rose to their feet, shaking their hips, frolicking about, and reciting the lyrics verbatim. As they concluded their set, they made sure to go all out, leaving a memorable imprint on the evening. These young stars are a myriad of fiery potential, and we’re hoping to see more of them…for years and years to come.

Story and Photos By: Meme Urbane

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