5 Home Design Trends That Won’t Die in 5 Years

Written by: Becca Meyers

Your home is your baby. It’s likely your most important financial investment. Do what you can to protect it and get the most out of it.

This list here can help you. Among the important decisions on your plate, you must know whether or not certain design options are right for your property. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing a makeover or buying your first home, check out that these five home designs trends. You are sure to see them around for five years, at a minimum.

1. Use of Energy-Efficient Products

When you use modern products that are energy-efficient, your home will be more enjoyable. It will be comfortable, and you will save money to use on improvements. There will also be extra cash you can use to enjoy your neighborhood more. Plus, most of these products can be written off on your taxes.

Take, for example, a newer home thermometer for your cooling and heating system(s). This helps you maximize comfort, lower your related bills, and save for many years to come. Most of these items come with remote and wireless technologies, too. You also can further guarantee that your home is safe.

2. Laying Engineered Floors

Due to technological advancements, you have access to wonderful engineered flooring products. Since there are more options available out there, these flooring solutions also are more affordable than ever. You pay a fraction of the cost you normally would pay.

You can use engineered hardwoods instead of authentic wood floors. There are tiles that are just like ceramic models, too. Without sacrificing quality, you can find durable engineered solutions that look just as good as the real thing.

3. Working With Your Surroundings

While many people are looking to make a statement with their home design, there is something to be said about working around the physical environment of the home. Working to integrate or mimic the surroundings can be as empowering as it is limiting. Whether you’re looking online for Edmonton homes for sale or in San Diego, knowing the locale and appreciating its aesthetic appeal can help you decide how to design your home. It also helps should you ever want to list your residence. You will sell it faster and get a better offer. Plus, pallets that fit with the surroundings enable you to create a more light and airy feeling. You can maximize natural light and even decrease your energy bills.

4. Open Floor Plans

Having the right wall colors is just one way you can create a more open floor plan. You can tear down walls and lift ceilings, but you should first try to save money and see about making the easy fixes. Don’t forget to pay attention to all of your window treatments, too.

As you look to establish a more open feel, you have to pay attention to your storage. There are great DIY projects you can take on to facilitate more options to house your everyday items and some of that unnecessary clutter. Look online and also check out your local retailers to see what deals they might have on storage solutions that will work in your home. They are more affordable than you would think, and you have a lot of great options that will blend well with your other design elements.

5. More Outdoor Living Space

There also are a lot of wonderful DIY projects you can take on for your yard. Of course, you want to be certain you home has great curb appeal. You want the entire property to look great. But when you seek ways to improve your lawn, you also need to think about outdoor living.

Whether you opt for something like a fire pit or take on something more complicated like an outdoor kitchen installation, it will pay off for you. You will enjoy your home even more. More outdoor living also is great should you ever want to sell.

Get the Most Out of Your Home

With this information, you can further ensure any design choices you make are the right decision. Get the most out of your investments. Enjoy your home more with these five design choices. They are trending, and they also will stand the test of time for you.

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