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How to Increase the Natural Sunlight Through Roof Windows

If the right roof window is properly installed, natural sunlight will flood the darkest of spaces and penetrate the dark shadows. The room and roof need the right window to ensure the most sunlight is reaching the room without stressing the roof. Sunlight has that feel-good factor that can’t be achieved with artificial light. Roof Window Outlet has a variety of roof windows to pick from.

Natural Light

The most noticeable benefit of a roof window is the way it brings natural light into even interior rooms with no windows. Natural light completely alters the vibes of a room. The change is noticeable even when just passing through.

Sunlight increases production of serotonin, the happy hormone. This leads to an improved mood, which can increase productivity and reduce stress. Natural sunlight can help relaxation by making a room less oppressive.

It can even help the body clock in a way that artificial lights can’t. Sunlight coming into a room prior to waking not only helps warm a room, but it slowly and pleasantly lifts a person from a deep sleep before the alarm goes off. Exposure of the sunlight throughout the day helps a person fall asleep at night. All of this combines to reduce stress overall.


The roof can determine where a window is placed. It can also dictate the size and shape. Roof windows can stress a roof. It is better to compromise than to have no roof window.

Being seen at street level is another consideration. A window that sits smoothly on the roof will blend better than one that sticks out but won’t impact how much light gets in. Tinting and special blinds are available for roof windows if privacy is an issue.

Small Windows

Some roofs can only handle small windows. Sunlight can still be maximised. A roof window is going to naturally light up a space no matter what, even if tinting is a requirement. Opening roof windows don’t take up any more space than a fixed window. An open window can really transform what was once a dark and stuffy space.  


Glass Wall

Modern design has evolved to allow roof windows to form part of a glass wall. Roof windows aren’t necessarily small, and some can be combined with vertical windows for even more natural light. Whether this a pre-existing structure or part of an extension, it can be done with pitched windows or a combination of pitched windows and vertical windows. Naturally, a glass wall is going to let in the most amount of sunlight.


Be sure to consider blinds or tinting. Watching the stars come out from bed is excellent; however, the sun comes up awfully early in the summer. Sunlight will also bleach fabrics.


Fixed Roof Windows

Fixed roof windows don’t open. They still flood an area with natural sunlight. They can be so high up that opening the window is pointless. They’re ideal for chasing shadows out of interior hallways and staircases.

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