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How to Throw a Posh Party on a Budget

Written by: Becca Meyers

While it may seem like a tall task, almost anyone can pull off a one-of-kind soiree that everyone will remember without breaking the bank. This article will help uncover some of the key planning elements to make it a success. It’s easier than you think.

Know which steps you should take and start planning them as soon as possible. This can serve as your go-to guide and be certain you remember this advice. No matter your budget, there are ways to throw a party for the ages.

Determine a Budget

In order to stick to a budget, you first have to make one! Be realistic about what you can and cannot afford. Don’t be embarrassed or sad if you don’t have as much money to spend as you would like. That’s why you here today after all. You know that others have pulled off budget-friendly stylish parties, and you want to do the same.

Sit down and determine your wants and your wishes. Know what your must-haves are and be sure you leave money aside for unexpected expenses. You can plan as much as you want in advance, but up the last minute you could figure out something you forgot to cover. When you do this, you will have even more peace of mind on the day of your event. If you have money left over, you can reward yourself somehow for a job well done. Have your budget solidified first since it basically impacts most decisions.

Establish Your Guest List and Monitor RSVPs

Figure out how many people you can afford to feed. Be mindful, too, of how many people you can accommodate in terms of available safe space. Unless you are having something like a DJ dance party, you likely don’t want to be shoulder to shoulder with your guests.

Determine your guest list, but also figure out your RSVP process. Ask your invites to let you know if they will attend and also follow up with them. Somewhere between six and three weeks out, your invitations should be delivered. Stick to this timeline for electronic and hard copy invites.

Plan a Crowd-Pleasing Spread

As with any time you’re feeding a crowd, you want to rule out any food allergies. Be mindful, too, of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options when it comes to your drinks.

You might be able to lock in a deal with your favorite local restaurant. Offer them the option to subtly advertise by displaying business cards on the serving table(s). Better yet, see if the chef, general manager, or owner wants to stop by and meet your guests.

Don’t Forget Your Cutlery and Serving Pieces

Unless your hands are dishwater ready during and right after your party, you will have a bit of a mess on your hands after the event. And, unless you’re a super-hero, you’ll likely be tired, too. With this in mind, it might be helpful to know that you can buy plastic plates and other disposable items that don’t look cheap, which not only saves you money but prevents you from having to purchase additional pieces of cutlery or plating to fit these unique events.

Coordinate your cutlery and serving pieces, but know it doesn’t have to match exactly. Just make sure you are able to complement everything. Look online today to see what your options are out there. It’s more affordable than you might think. Plus, if you plan ahead, you can score the best bargains.

Set Up Your Space with Stylish Decor

Be certain your party is posh by reflecting seasons and trends. Your decor will set the tone when it comes to this. Always remember that fresh flowers and greenery are a must. Pay attention to lighting, too, and look for ways to create dimension.

Show off even more personality by mixing in cool antique or vintage pieces. You can head to local resale shops like thrift stores and score some really hip party decor. From candle holders to vases, you can find gently used items that will look very stylish.

Enjoy Your Posh Party

You are well on your way to hosting a get-together everyone will love. From the onset, this guide will help you make sure you and your guests have a great time together.

But remember, posh doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. With the advice presented above you clearly see how easy it is to throw a hip party. Best wishes for a wonderful celebration and have fun!

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