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Make Your Online Sales Go Through The Roof This Weekend

So, you’ve got a business and you want to make sure that your sales go into the weekend better than they’ve looked all week. Maybe you want your sales to look so good that you start whooping and high fiving your team. You can’t just wait, watch, and expect sales to go up themselves. More people do tend to buy on the weekend, but you’re not going to get the kind of life changing sales that you really want if you don’t plan to do it.

Here are some pointers that will help you to make your sales go through the roof this weekend:

Run A Competition

Running a competition could help you to raise awareness for your business and your offerings. Running a competition via social media is one of the best ways to do it, as you can get your followers to share your posts for an entry, which is a way to let other people know that your business exists. Just make sure that your prize is worth winning. Maybe you could give away a couple of prizes: some of your products, vouchers, a free service – whatever you think will get people sharing and talking.

Make sure you create a fair competition and that you have a fair way of drawing thee winner. Competitions are a great way to grow your following too.

Come Up With An Awesome Weekend Promotion

Maybe you could come up with an awesome weekend promotion, such as buy one product get a product of equal value half price, or even free! There are so many options for your promotions, you should get creative. Make sure your audience feel compelled to buy – it should be a promotion that they just can’t refuse!

Make Sure There Are No Issues With Your Platform

Your platform needs to be sturdy enough to handle many visitors at once – it isn’t unheard of for business websites to crash because they end up getting more visitors than they expected. You need to be prepared by making sure you’re using the best ecommerce platform! Do your research and make sure you’re using the best platform for your business.

Add More Ways To Pay

Make sure you give your customers lots of ways to pay. Offer debit cards, credit cards, and methods like paypal to make sure they don’t turn back when it’s time to pay.

Release A New Product

Maybe you could launch a new product in time for the weekend. What sort of product will complement what you already offer?

Create Some Awesome Content

Creating an awesome blog post or video explaining a service or product that you offer, or simply offering another piece of valuable information could encourage more people to visit your site and check out your offerings. You’ll likely get more shares too, providing the content is high quality.

Upgrade Delivery

Why not upgrade to next day delivery with every order made over the weekend? This is a simple gesture that could make somebody decide to make an impulse buy if they’ve had their eye on something for a while.

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