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Is Your Small Business Blowing Your Marketing Budget?

Marketing is an essential operation for companies to raise their profile and their profits. It’s especially important for new businesses, who need to get in front of the right people. But many first-time entrepreneurs make the grave mistake of overspending on marketing.

While paying for all the latest promotional methods can help get some hits to your website, you need to ensure it’s generating customers. You need to make sure that you’re getting more money out of your marketing than you’re putting in. There are many common mistakes business owners make with marketing expenditure. Here are some tips to get the most of your marketing budget.

Make Sure Your Paid Ads Aren’t Being Abused

Many companies use pay-per-click ad services, such as Google AdWords, to bring visitors to their page. It can be highly effective, as ads will get placed on sites where your target market are likely to see them. The downfall is, they can easily be abused.

Paid ads are often open to various kinds of fraud. They can get clicks from bots, which ramp up the prices of your ads without you getting any real customers. Your rivals might even abuse your PPC ads just to cost you more. Make sure you implement click fraud prevention measures.

There are tools which can identify click fraud and stop it in its tracks. That way, you’ll get more real customers and a much better return on investment for your PPC ads. It prevents you from losing money on an impactful form of marketing.

Handle Social Media Marketing Yourself

There are many marketing agencies out there specializing in different techniques. It might be useful to pay for things like SEO and content marketing, but there are some forms it’s better to do yourself. Social media marketing is a shining example. Why pay for someone to post on your social media channels when it only takes a few minutes out of your day?

The best way to handle your social media is with scheduling software. Tools like HootSuite and Buffer enable you to create all your company’s social media for the entire week. All you have to do is schedule it in to keep your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other pages active.

It will require some effort and creativity, though. Look at some examples of successful Facebook marketing campaigns for inspiration. Be sure to engage with your followers, and also use your social networks for exciting news and sales promotions.

Don’t Pay Too Many Marketing Services

The variety of different marketing services out there can make it confusing for businesses to know which to use. As you’d expect, they market themselves well and make you believe they’re all essential for your business. In reality, most companies spend far too much on numerous agencies.

Outsourcing certain marketing methods can be useful- but make sure you’re getting a good ROI. Use analytics to track where your visitors are coming from, and how many are becoming customers.

Instead of paying for all kinds of modern marketing methods, you might want to find a service that does them all. It also helps to do more marketing yourself, or even hire an in-house marketing department. You can save more money and ensure your marketing costs are paying off.

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