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Unexpected Costs Associated With the Death of a Loved One

Many people do not realise there are a lot of costs associated with death. So much so that it can cause money troubles for those we leave behind if we do not adequately prepare for it. You can look at ways that you can save more money, or get an insurance policy or funeral plan so that the financial burden of your death isn’t as significant. This will help out your family and allow them to focus on their grief and how to move forward. 

Below are some of the costs that come after you have died so that you can be more informed and financially prepared:

Death certificate

Just as you register a birth, you also need to ensure that you register a loved one’s death. This is something that needs to be done as soon as possible after the death and requires you to have a number of documents. You need a medical certificate, signed by a doctor, stating the cause of death. You may also need their birth certificate, proof of address, and other information such as maiden name and spouses date of birth. 

When you have given all the necessary information, you will then have to pay to receive the death certificate.


A coffin can be quite costly. There are many options that you can choose from, and you will also want it to be something that you think the deceased would like. If you are prepared to select the type of coffin you want before you die, you will be able to save up the appropriate amount of money. If you don’t, it will be up to your family to choose one that they can afford. 

Don’t get pressured into buying an expensive coffin, simple is fine. It isn’t even necessary to have a coffin; you could instead decide to opt for a shroud.

You can also consider adding a neat grave marker for your loved one. There are many reasons why investing in bronze veteran grave markers is essential. One of the most important reasons is that bronze grave markers will last much longer than traditional gravestones. They can last for centuries if they are well cared for. This is important because it means that your loved ones will always be remembered, even long after you’re gone. Another reason bronze grave markers are a good idea is that they are very affordable.

Burial or cremation

Burial and cremation have different costs associated with them. Cremation can usually work out cheaper because you don’t have the added cost of the burial plot. You can hire a funeral director for either, and they will be able to help you through everything as they will collect, prepare and deliver the body to wherever it needs to go. Funeral directors can end up being quite expensive, and, if you only want a simple funeral, you should see if you can find a funeral director who offers direct cremation or a simple funeral.

Service and wake

The service and wake can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be to fit with your budget and what the person would have wanted. There is no right or wrong way to do a service or wake, and it is not necessary to do either. Don’t allow yourself to be convinced that you have to do a particular thing, because it is more than likely that you don’t. 

Legal advice

If you need advice or want to seek justice because of a death, you may need to hire lawyers who are passionate about pursuing justice. They may be able to help you to prove that something was amiss and give you peace of mind.

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