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3 Lifestyle Changes to Reboot Your Health and Wellness 100%

It would be great if our health and wellness were always at a consistently high level, more or less irrespective of whatever else was going on in our lives. Unfortunately, however, it’s clearly the case that it’s possible to find yourself in a slump, where various dimensions of your lifestyle are just contributing to making you feel far less excellent than you would like to, on an everyday basis.

These sorts of undesirable circumstances often creep up on us, and situations in our lives just become incrementally worse across various dimensions, without us necessarily being fully aware of the processes that are playing out.

Then, as if out of nowhere, you look up one day and find that things just aren’t working out properly, and that it’s apparently time to make a series of pretty comprehensive changes in order to set things to rights.

If you’ve noticed that there are features of your lifestyle right now that are negatively impacting your health and wellness, here are a few lifestyle changes that you can make, that might help you to “reboot” things and start again from more positive position.
Retraining and changing careers


It’s possible that your current job, or even career, seemed pretty good at the outset – or at least, manageable – but that as time went on, it became increasingly more apparent that  things just weren’t working out properly, and that the motivation to turn up to the office each day was rapidly fading.

It’s pretty common for people to fall into jobs and careers that don’t necessarily represent their interests, passions, and aspirations, in a decent manner – but which just end up developing as a result of half-incidental circumstances, and simple old-fashioned inertia.

While you shouldn’t necessarily treat retraining for a new job as a casual and minor decision (it’s not), it may well be the case that in order to really move your life back onto a better track, it could be very important for you to completely readjust your aim, and retrain for a new career, altogether.

This will take some introspection on your part, and a good degree of research and consideration. It might be that your current office job is leaving you feeling dead inside, and what you really want to do is to seek out a paid CDL training scheme, and become a commercial truck driver.

Or, maybe there’s a way of utilising your existing professional skill set, by applying it in a significantly different context, so as to emphasise the elements of your professional life that you most appreciate, while minimising those things that you don’t have any real enthusiasm for.

Retraining and changing careers is often a pretty drawnout process – and it’s the kind of thing that requires some real clarity and determination, once you’ve set out on the path. For that reason, it’s the kind of thing that you have to get quite clear about in your own mind before undertaking.

When you’re doing a job that you enjoy, and genuinely find meaningful, however, you may well find that your sense of well-being increases dramatically, and your health, too. This is especially likely to be the case if your new job allows you to maintain better work-life balance, and avoid pulling strenuous all nighters.

Cutting way back on the idle entertainment and distractions, and spend your free time on engaging hobbies


The digital world is full of incredible tools and resources that we can use to pursue our goals and dreams, educate ourselves, and more.

Of course, however, the digital world is also full of a virtually unlimited source of idle entertainment options and sources of distraction, that can all too easily end up consuming one hundred percent of our free time, and leaving us with the uneasy sense that we are more or less wasting our lives.

A bit of casual, mindless relaxation isn’t a “bad” thing in and of itself. But it needs to be kept in proper balance.

If you allow yourself to get too lost in idle entertainment and distraction, you may feel some pleasure in the moment, only to experience a significant decline in your overall sense of well-being over time, as you feel more and more guilty about the way you are spending your time.

Of course, spending too much of your time being sedentary and lounging around on the couch – especially if your day job also involves you sitting down for long stretches of time – is also pretty destructive to your health, in a variety of ways.

Replacing the idle entertainment and distractions in your life, with productive and engaging hobbies, can help you to rekindle your sense of enthusiasm and curiosity about the world, teach you valuable skills, and leave you feeling as if you’ve actually accomplished something worthwhile by the end of the day.

Breaking your chaotic daily cycle, and radically restructuring your routine along intentional lines


It’s certainly possible to lead a life that is too highly-structured and regimented, and that doesn’t leave enough freedom for spontaneity. But, it’s also absolutely the case that living a life that is too chaotic and disorganised can been massively detrimental towards your overall health and well-being.

In fact, leading an overly-chaotic life essentially means that you are not in control of your destiny, and can’t manoeuvre things in a way that best suits you, and that you find positive and meaningful.

It simply takes some structure and discipline to pursue goals, maintain a regular exercise routine, keep the house tidy, and so on.

If you’re currently in a situation where your daily cycle and routine is highly chaotic, one of the best things you can do to improve your overall health and sense of wellness, is to break that cycle, and to radically restructure your routine along intentional lines.

That means having set mealtimes, waking up at a set time every day and going to sleep at a set time every night, and more.

The better able you are to hone the skill of structuring your life, the greater your sense of confidence is likely to become, and the more you can actually achieve, in practical terms.

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