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4 Ways to Utilize Telehealth Services During Quarantine

Written by: Maggie Bloom

Healthcare systems are currently experiencing extreme pressures as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Telehealth is making a very positive contribution to healthcare armament against the pandemic.

During this time of restricted movement, caring for patients can pose several challenges. However, telehealth is revolutionizing how you can access healthcare while reducing the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Here are four ways you can utilize Telehealth services during the quarantine.

1. Online Consultation with Healthcare Specialists

Now is the perfect time for you to switch to Telemedicine Services. With modern technologies in telecommunications, mobile technology, and internet technology, you can access healthcare services beyond the hospital walls.

You can engage your healthcare specialist in your home’s comfort through online platforms such as live-video conferencing. Thus, new telehealth services can give you better protection, better care, and improved healthcare services access.

Additionally, using telehealth services such as the ones provided by online counseling Canada (or whatever area you live in) ensures that you are at a better position of identifying opportunities for early intervention, managing chronic conditions, and increasing your access to medical attention more remotely. Online healthcare access provides more people with a chance to curb the risk of exposure and getting infected.

2. Mobile Health

Mobile health sometimes referred to as “mHealth” or “telehealth, refers to using your mobile device to tend to your healthcare needs. During this quarantine period, you can download applications relating to your healthcare needs to connect to your choice’s online doctor.

Using recent technologies, you can transmit your health information to a healthcare provider for diagnosis and treatment purposes. Accessing telehealth via mobile devices is also beneficial because a healthcare specialist can track your health progress over a specified period.

Telehealth assists in identifying whether a particular health issue still exists as well as making sure that proper treatment levels have been achieved. With today’s advanced mobile devices and a fast and reliable internet connection, it has become possible to avail telehealth facility from your home’s comfort.

3. Remote Patient Monitoring

Often abbreviated as RPM, Remote patient monitoring makes use of digital technology when collecting medical information and other forms of health data from individuals. The data is then transmitted securely to health care providers from a distance for assessment and further recommendations.

If you are utilizing remote patient monitoring services, healthcare specialists can continually track your healthcare data while you are staying comfortably in your home quarantine or a care facility, thus minimizing potential infection rates.

Remote monitoring programs, also known as telemonitoring, typically involve moving more healthcare out of the traditional setting, into the house, and where people live, work, and play every day.

This method generally collects a wide range of medical information, including vital signs, electrocardiograms, hypertension levels, and blood oxygen levels. The data then can be used for solving several health-related issues. The fact that the information is available online makes it easy to access.

4. Store-and-Forward

Store-and-forward telehealth enables healthcare providers to collect your clinical information and sending it electronically to another site for evaluation purposes. The information typically includes your medical data like lab results, medical history, demographic data, and other data such as image, video, and sound files.

Healthcare specialists can still use a smartphone or a desktop computer when gathering and sending your medical data. Medical data or information is transmitted via sophisticated platforms such as electronic mail, private network, or a secure website.

If you are wondering how effective telehealth is, you must know that; Healthcare professionals and medical practitioners in leading health institutions recommend using Telehealth services to facilitate public health mitigation strategies during these coronavirus pandemic times.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has made telehealth platforms a specially and relevant healthcare approach. Embracing telehealth may be the better option of accessing healthcare services, especially at such a time when you were observing restricted movements, social distancing, and quarantined in your home.

Telehealth programs and solutions ensure that people who suffer from other medical ailments also receive quality healthcare from their homes without necessarily having to access a medical facility, thus minimizing the risk of contracting the novel coronavirus.


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