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4 Ways You Can Discreetly Help Those Around You

Are you the kind of person who likes to help people? There is no denying the buzz you can get when you support others around you and do some good in the world. With all the craziness of the past couple of years, going out of your way to help others is something you should be proud of and is a desirable trait.

In the age of social media, the trend of sharing your “good deeds’‘ has long been called into question. Are these people legitimately trying to help those less fortunate, or are they trying to make themselves look good? Others’ actions will always be called out even if they are doing it for the right reason, but a good deed is still good, right?


If you want to give back to the world around you, this post looks at some of the more discreet ways you can support others and do some good in the world.


Clinical Trials

Clinical trials have long been a power of good in the medical field. People who partake in clinical trials often put themselves at greater risk of adverse effects in the name of science and hopefully find a cure or treatment that can help others.


It’s no stretch to say that without people who volunteer for in-person or

virtual clinical trials, there would be fewer breakthroughs in medicine and science.


Regular Donations

These days you can make automatic payments to your favorite charity via your bank. The whole process is set up to be continuous and discrete. No one except you, the charity, and your bank will know you are making the payments. Donations do not need to come with a big flashing neon sign and the expectation of thanks and public gratitude. Paying small, consistent amounts each month can support the work your charity does.


Donate Blood

Hospitals always need blood to treat people with life-threatening conditions and injuries. This will never change. People who donate blood are saving lives. And the best part is, any blood you do donate will regenerate within yourself, so you are never without.


In the US, you can donate up to twice per week for platelet apheresis donors and every 56 days for whole blood donors. The entire procedure is really quick too.


You might think that the charity you are donating items to is helping you, but really you’re helping them. Charities who help the poorest communities especially are continually thankful for things they can give to people to enrich their standard of living. Clothing, bedding, toys, books, and household accessories, and utensils are items many people live without as they scrape by day by day.


If you have many items at home you no longer require, you can easily look for a charitable organization that will gratefully receive any good quality donations they can pass on to others. Ultimately it is a win-win. You are still cleaning your home of items you do not need, and you are helping others simultaneously. 

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