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5 Common Causes Of Knee Injuries

It’s important to look after our knees. These complex joints are essential to our mobility, helping us to do everything from walking to cycling to driving. There are many ways in which our knees can get injured. This post lists five of the most common causes of knee injuries, how to treat them and how to prevent them. 

Car accidents

Knee injuries are one of the most common injuries following a car accident. Impact with the dashboard can cause everything from ligament injuries to dislocation depending on how major the impact is. 

Such injuries aren’t always immediately noticeable following a car accident – it’s best to see a doctor if you experience any pain in your legs. The sooner the injury is discovered, the easier it will be to treat and the recovery period won’t be so long.

By driving carefully, you can usually reduce the risk of such injuries. If you are involved in an accident that isn’t your fault, bear in mind that you’ll usually be able to hire a car accident lawyer to seek compensation. This could help fund treatment for your injury.

Runner’s knee

Runner’s knee is knee pain caused by repetitive stress on the knee joint. As the name suggests, running is a common cause, but other repetitive actions like walking and climbing can also cause this injury.

The best way to treat runner’s knee is often simply to rest your leg and rely on stretches and gentle exercises until the pain goes away. Don’t be afraid to go to a doctor just to check that it’s not something more serious like a fracture (this may require a cast). 

You can reduce the risk of developing runner’s knee by taking regular running breaks (not running every day), by warming up your legs before you exercise and by practising leg exercises to strengthen your legs. 

Other sport injuries

Many other sports can increase the risk of leg injuries ranging from skiing to soccer. A torn ligament as a result of a twisting action is a common injury in many types of sports – this is typically known as anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury.

You should see a doctor if you notice any pain in your leg following a sports accident. Severe injuries may require you to abstain from sports until it recovers – this can be inconvenient, but if you keep up your sport, you could risk aggravating it further and never being able to do your sport again. 

You can avoid sports injuries such as ACL by practising good technique and strengthening the leg muscles. Make sure you’re also wearing knee protection in sports that are prone to impact injuries such as hockey and roller-blading and skateboarding.

Housemaid’s knee

Kneeling for long periods is also a major cause of knee injuries – particularly an injury known as knee bursitis (historically known as ‘housemaid’s knee’). Workers in professions such as gardening, roofing and carpet fitting are most prone to it. 

This injury may require rest and physiotherapy to recover from. In some cases an infection can occur, which may require a prescription of antibiotics. 

To prevent ‘housemaid’s knee’, try to use a cushion or knee pad while kneeling and avoid prolonged kneeling where possible (get up and stretch those knees when you can). 


Obesity is a leading cause of arthritis in the knees. This is due to the excess weight putting extra pressure on the knees, causing damage to cartilage.

There are treatments available for arthritis, however these treatments aren’t always permanent, and most people find it easier to learn to live with. By losing weight, you can reduce the strain on the knees. 

Some people are naturally more prone to weight gain, however everyone can take measures to reduce weight gain by maintaining a healthy diet and regularly exercising. 

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