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5 Tips For A Healthy Start To Your Day

Author : Kirk Thomas 

For most of us, waking up every morning is a chore. Alarm clocks, rushing to work, traffic all factor into a daily morning struggle. It can put us in bad mood for the rest of the day. With these 5 tips, however, you’ll find yourself waking up with more energy and looking forward to what the day has to offer.

Start Every Morning by Drinking 16 oz. of Water:

Throughout your day, how often do you go 8 hours without drinking anything? Well, this is basically what you are doing to your body when you sleep at night. Drinking 2 glasses of water when you wake up jumpstarts your metabolism, helps to curve your appetite, and cleanses toxins that may have built up in your body overnight.

Eat Between 12-18 grams of Protein:

The old adage “Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day” happens to be very true, as studies have shown that people who eat breakfast have an easier time losing and maintaining weight. Eating high protein foods such as Eggs and Greek Yogurt increases your metabolic rate, provides energy for the body to burn, and elevates your mood.

 Get At Least 7-8 Hours of Sleep Every Night:

If you have a hard time waking up in the morning, the problem may lie in your sleeping habits. Your body uses the time it is asleep to recover and restore itself, resulting in that groggy feeling you get when you don’t get enough sleep. People who average around 8 hours of sleep retain information and have better cognitive and physical awareness in the morning.

 Allow for 10 Minutes of Physical Activity:

 No one expects you to wake up and run a 5k every morning (although it is entirely possible). However, physical activities in the morning, anything as light as stretching and sit ups to more demanding exercises such as yoga or weight training, prove to be a great way to start your day. Besides kicking your metabolism into gear, it helps to revitalize and wake up your body from sleep. In addition, burning calories to start your day helps control your weight throughout the rest of it.

Prepare for Your Morning the Night Before:

As simple as it sounds, the best way to insure a great morning is to prepare for it the night before. For every excuse I have heard from people saying they don’t have enough time to do things in the morning, I tell them that you could lay your clothes out the night before, or meal prep your food the night before. Go to sleep an hour earlier than normal if you feel there will be a time crunch. There is no reason you should not be able to spare 15 minutes in the morning to starting your day off right.

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