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6 Meals A Day Helps You Lose Weight Faster, 3 Meals a Day Thing of the Past

Author : Kirk Thomas 

For years, I struggled with my weight. At my heaviest, I had ballooned up to 275 pounds. Everything I tried failed, from diets to calorie counting. I changed the way I ate and worked out on a moderate schedule every week, but the scale never moved the way I wanted it to. Then, I realized for years, I have been eating the wrong way, and in the past two years I have lost 70 pounds! So let me dispel one of the biggest myths about eating and dieting, and let you know exactly how you need to eat in order to lose weight. The big secret: Eat more often.

3 Meals a Day is a Thing of the Past

From our childhood forward, we are taught the basic food groups and that we should eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner to have a balanced diet. However, recent research has shown that eating sporadically throughout the day actually is less beneficial to you. Bonnie Leibman, director for the Center for Science in the Public Interest, has stated that only eating three meals a day slows down your metabolic rate and makes it harder to burn the calories. Think of it this way: Your body needs to transform calories into energy at a constant rate in order to function. If it doesn’t receive calories at a consistent rate, it will slow down how quickly it burns through calories, storing everything that it doesn’t use as fat in the body.


6 Meals a Day Helps Burn Fat in Your Body

Studies from Yale in 2011 and UC Berkeley in 2007 have found that eating portioned meals 5 to 6 times a day helps to combat obesity, as well as numerous other health benefits.  The key phrase there is PORTION. Taking those same original 3 meals you have been eating for years and splitting them into 6, smaller meals guarantees that your body burns through all the calories it takes in, and doesn’t store anything as fat. In addition, constantly adding calories through the day instead of randomly increases the your metabolic rate, meaning you burn through fat more quickly. Turn eating into a habit and you’ll see the pound fall of in no time.


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