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6 Ways to Create a Relaxing Atmosphere at Home

Written by: Holly Schaeffer

We spend most of our time indoors, especially now that we’re faced with the Coronavirus pandemic. The stress that comes with this situation can be made even worse if we feel trapped inside our homes. This happens because our surroundings significantly impact our thoughts and behaviors. 

If all of this worries you, there are ways to turn your home into a more relaxing, serene space – and not just for these uncertain times, but forever. Even small interventions, such as rearranging the furniture, can result in a huge improvement. Here are some simple tricks to create a comfortable and stress-free atmosphere inside your home.

De-clutter to De-stress

A messy home leads to a messy mind. The mess doesn’t have to include dirt, clothes thrown on the chair, and piles of old newspapers. Clutter also means that your home is overcrowded with too many furniture items and accessories. This creates too many stimuli for your brain to process at once and draws your attention away from what you really want to focus on. That’s why it is recommended to clear your home of all the unnecessary things and leave enough space for your eyes to wander freely across the room.

Serenity in the Air

Did you know that there are millions of sensory neurons located in your nose? They register different types of smells and send signals so that your brain would know how to react to them. Many of them have the power to boost your energy or lull you to sleep.

How can you introduce these scents into your home? Well, certain essential oils are perfect for sleep and de-stressing, and you can mist them throughout your home or simply use a diffuser. Scented candles can provide a similar effect, with the addition of visual appeal. Some of the most relaxing scents to choose from are vanilla, jasmine, and lavender.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Nothing can transform an interior as drastically as a paint job. If you already have this project in mind, make sure you choose a color palette that evokes tranquility. The safest bet would be to go with neutrals, such as grey, sand, or white, but you can choose a bolder option, such as light shades of blue and purple. Just be sure to avoid overly stimulative colors such as bright red, yellow, and orange. Of course, every room has a different purpose, and if you want to utilize color psychology, you should pay attention to that.

Let the Sunshine in

Various researchers have studied the way natural light affects the human mind. All of them have come to the same conclusion – natural light has a positive effect on mental health. It can improve your mood and make you more focused and productive.

If possible, allow as much sunlight as you can to enter your home – opt for bigger windows, remove the curtains, and use skylights. When natural light isn’t available, use lightbulbs that emit warm tones. Also, it would be a good idea to invest in layered lighting to make the interior look more natural.

Nature Is Your Best Friend

Just like the sunlight, many things that come from the great outdoors trigger positive and relaxing thoughts. Fortunately, humankind has thought of a lot of different ways to introduce a touch of nature into our homes.

  • Wooden flooring and furniture produce a sense of warmth and peacefulness. Use every chance you get to include them in your home. If you want to make things more eco-friendly, consider getting recycled or salvaged wood and furniture.
  • Other materials that come from nature are also welcome additions. Some that are often used in interior design include stone, clay, wicker, bamboo, seagrass, and rattan.
  • Finally, houseplants are the most common way to let the outdoors They can liven up the space, improve the mood, detox the air, and serve as striking design elements. Some mindful suggestions are aloe vera, lavender, peace lilies, snake plants, and eucalyptus.

Make It about You

There’s no exact, universal formula for the perfect relaxing home. Home design always has to be customized for different spaces and different people. While you need to refrain from creating clutter, you can still fill your home with things that will draw a smile and make you feel good. If you’re an avid reader, for example, a shelf packed with books will do that for you. If you are a person guided by wanderlust, you might want to fill your home with memorabilia from your travels to remind you of all the beautiful memories you made.

Bottom Line

We all want and need to feel relaxed once we are inside our homes. It’s natural. However, not all houses and apartments ooze serenity. It takes some reflection and hard work to get to the point where you will be able to sit back and enjoy a genuinely stress-free oasis. We gave you just a couple of ideas – now take it from there and enjoy the process.


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