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9 Ways to Fit Exercise into your Busy Schedule

The world of today is fast-paced and filled to the brim with tasks and activities. Some people have a lot of free time, while others don’t have any free time at all. If you belong to the group that is hard-working and unable to use free time for working out and exercising, this is the article for you. It’s difficult enough to manage everything on time, let alone exercise in the midst of it all. In this article, you’ll find various interesting and fun ways to incorporate exercise into a busy schedule. Here are the nine ways that will help you achieve this!

Reset your sleep schedule and wake up earlier

This is not only healthy for you but great for planning as well. You generally shouldn’t work out in the late evening and then wake up early for work because you will be too tired to function properly. The best way to avoid this is by going to sleep earlier, waking up earlier, and exercising in the morning. It will give you a nice energy boost right from the get-go! Plus, you’ll have an easier time planning your schedule, so there’s that.

Exercising during your commute

Whether you go to work by bus, car, or simply walking, you can exercise while commuting. If you choose to walk to work, try to walk faster. If you’re going by bus, stretching is a great choice. Whatever mode of transportation you choose, there are things that you can do which will help you out, regarding exercising and working out.

Workout during lunch break

If you have enough time (if the lunch break is long enough), you can do some quick workouts after or before you’ve eaten. Just make sure you don’t overwork yourself or eat too much. It’s best if you do this in moderation since you don’t have that much free time. Some offices have basketball courts which you can use to play some basketball. Others might have something else. If nothing is available, simple workouts will have to suffice!

Take short breaks during the workday

You don’t have to work constantly without stopping. If you do, you’ll only put unnecessary stress on yourself, plus you’ll feel overworked. Take small, short breaks during the workday which you can use to relax and empty your mind, and even workout for a short duration. These small breaks won’t let you do any major exercises, but they should let you keep your body in check.

Stand up and move around while you’re on a call

Lots of people talk on the phone while they’re sitting down. There’s nothing wrong with this as it’s mostly preferential, but did you know that simply standing up and walking around a bit while you’re on the phone helps a lot? Humans might love sitting down, but it’s not good for the spine. Sitting down causes the spine to bend and stay in a single position for a long time. This can cause multiple problems later in your life. To avoid this, and help your body even more, whenever you’re talking on the phone, stand up and walk around! (If possible)

Sitting on a stability ball

Stability balls aren’t extremely popular but they are very helpful, and you should get one for yourself. Instead of sitting in a chair while at work or home, use a stability ball. The ball will prompt you to move your body constantly, so you don’t fall off it (hence the name). If you love sitting down that much, get yourself a stability ball and enjoy the benefits of sitting and working out.

Take the long way

Okay, so, everyone loves shortcuts – they’re much faster and easier (most of the time). But, when it comes to commuting towards and from work, the long way is almost always better. Except when you’re in a hurry, we recommend you take a long way home. You’ll get to see new sights, and your body will be active for a longer time. Sure, you might need to get going earlier, but it’s a good experience! This can be applied to almost anything that requires some physical activity!

Join a fitness club at work

Most modern workplaces have fitness clubs and clubs of any kind. Your best bet to fit exercise into a busy schedule is through these fitness clubs. They always have something planned that will benefit you; things like fun activities, exercising games, various and unique workouts… In any case, you’ll also have fun being around people, and you’ll make lots of new connections. There aren’t any negative sides associated with this! Just make sure your boss allows it.

Stay hydrated

This goes without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway. Don’t let yourself get too thirsty! Hydration is extremely important, and the lack of it can cause a lot of health issues. Working can be tiresome and exhausting, and so can exercise. Both activities require you to drink water and stay hydrated if you want to function properly and stay healthy. Getting some health supplements is a good idea as well if you want that extra kick.

These were nine ways to fit exercise into a busy schedule. Of course, you can modify any of these in any way you want and add your ideas to your schedule. Good luck!

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